Amazon Prime’s “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” Has Lost One Of It’s Main Stars.

Reports state that Amazon Prime’s “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” might be on the verge of losing its main actors. The project was originally set for her to co-executive produce alongside Donald Glover. According to the outlet, Waller Bridge’s departure was due to creative differences. However, things between the pair are reported to have ended amicably.

This is an updated version of the 2005 hit action-comedy movie Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which was directed in part by Doug Liman. The story was about a couple who fell into a lull in their marriage but discovered that they were secretly being employed by assassin-for-hire agencies.

Amazon Prime's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Has Lost One Of It's Main Stars.

Waller-Bridge is no longer involved in the project. Glover, however, remains very attached to the project. It seems that the project will continue. The scripting phase is still ongoing, and the tentative filming schedule is for early 2022.

Waller-Bridge has a lot of things going on these days, so fans will still get plenty of chances to see her in action. She is currently filming her part in the new untitled. Indiana Jones sequel. A recurring role in Season 2 of HBO/BBC’s series was also hers. His Dark MaterialsShe was also a co-writer for the new James Bond movie. No Time To Die.

As for Glover, he has many projects in the pipeline as well, including one with Malia Obama and Watchmen writer Janine Nabers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claim that Glover signed an eight-figure deal with Amazon recently, which would include the proposed series.

Glover’s deal may include a content channel. It would likely include media Glover produces for Amazon and other curated content. Glover’s brother, Stephen — who works with him on the FX series Atlanta — is said to have inked an Amazon deal as well.

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