Amazon Driver Warns Woman About life threatening Situation After She Moved into New House!

28-year-old Kelsey did not hesitate to warn a new neighbor of the terrifying, life-threatening situation the homeowner may find herself in if she didn’t make an immediate change!

A woman going by the moniker Jessica Huseman or username @_jesshopehuse on TikTok recently found herself a brand new house to reside in. A delivery driver from Amazon stopped by Jessica Huseman’s house to drop off a box.

As she did so, the 28-year-old offered the owner some helpful advice in the process. TikTok viewers could see the energetic, tattooed, and vibrant delivery woman Kelsey through Huseman’s doorbell camera.

Amazon delivery driver 28-year-old Kelsey dropping off a package at Jessica Huseman’s house.

The Amazon worker was walking towards the door while warmly and joyfully singing that there was no number on the house’s entrance. The delivery lady was also happy-go-lucky

“It’s unsafe honestly. What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well?”

The woman then casually walked out of the door and wished the owner a happy day. Taking to the description, @_jesshopehuse admitted that the Amazon employee is correct.

Individual comments on Jessica Huseman’s post.

Many agreed with this, also commenting on how kindhearted the delivery woman appeared in her approach. One commentator :

“Retired paramedic. She is 100% correct. Protect yourself and get some large numbers on your house and mailbox if it’s out front.”

Some people questioned her professionalism, citing her tattoos and partially shaved head. Others stated that Kelsey’s attire would not affect her ability to do her work correctly.

Commenting on Jessica Huseman’s post.

Since the video made its way around the internet with just under 996,000 likes, the 28-year-old has set up her own TikTok account.

The billionaire… was most likely sending electric shocks through the worker.

Amazon worker shares other information on this platform. Potentially dangerous has encountered many difficulties while working as a delivery lady.

Beyond Kelsey, Amazon employees seem to be getting all the love from the public lately, even if they are breaking the law. An example of this is the time an Amazon truck driver drove off the highway to escape a jam.

Responding to a clip of the incident “Cami” Many people shared the story on TikTok. They showed compassion for this employee. They all appeared to agree that the worker was likely worriedly pushing to get their job done on time.

Amazon truck turns off the highway.

This opinion appeared to be the overall consensus, with numerous individuals criticizing Amazon for its allegedly harsh and unfair demands on its employees. Another made a dark joke.

They quipped that the billionaire Jeff Bezos was most likely sending electric shocks through the worker via the car behind them. These two Amazon workers are able to defend their working conditions and like them as people.

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