Amanda Bynes checks herself into a mental health facility in the wake of recent struggles

Amanda Bynes checks herself into a mental health facility in the wake of recent struggles

According to reports, the actress chose more intensive treatment for herself and could also choose when she leaves.

Amanda Bynes, a former actress and model from Los Angeles was reportedly admitted to a mental health facility in Orange County earlier this month. She did so as if she wanted to keep her comfort that had been hard earned. Sources close to the former actress say that she was receiving outpatient treatment in Los Angeles until July 1st, at which point, sources claim, she chose this Orange County inpatient program instead. The sources told TMZ Bynes was concerned that she would need more assistance than what could be provided by outpatient treatment.

Bynes lived alone in an L.A. apartment while heavily relying on her outpatient program this summer. She was due to attend 90s Con, her first appearance since years in March. But after she failed to show up for the appointment in question, Bynes sought treatment to deal with a psychotic attack. Since then, she has returned to an intensive mental health plan and this month it appears that she is stepping it up.

Bynes’s friends have said the social component of her inpatient care is what she enjoys most. Bynes, they said, isn’t comfortable with living alone at the moment and finds comfort in being around doctors and therapists. She takes part in daily therapy sessions as well as skill development activities.

They could not say how long Bynes might stay in the facility. However, they did suggest it would be up to Bynes. Bynes may be able to decide when she feels ready to live outside the facility again – perhaps giving her time to arrange a new residential situation where she will not be on her own. Bynes’s parents are said to support her decision.

Bynes announced her hiatus from acting in 2010 and began to have legal trouble in 2012 – mostly related to substance abuse at first. She was put on hold for her mental health evaluation in July 2013, and her parents soon filed for conservatorship. Bynes, who was well-known for her frequent social media updates during that time, has been questioned by many critics in retrospect about the viral nature of Bynes’ posts.

Bynes received bipolar treatment and was sober from alcohol and drugs for many years. In March 2022, she and her parents agreed that the conservatorship should end. Bynes’ sources said she is aware that her parents will be there for support if needed.

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