Although the claim has not been proven, a Michigan Bad Axe ‘UFO” was involved in an alleged ‘dogfighting’ between jets and helicopters.

News consumers must be overloaded and even overwhelmed with endless unverified reports about alleged UFO and alien sightings – now, we have more witnesses claiming to have seen a UAP in Michigan’s Bad Axe, involved in a “dogfight” with fighter jets on June 3, 2023.

The rumors and speculations about the possible existence of extraterrestrials gained momentum after the 911 call by a Las Vegas family regarding an alleged alien sighting in their backyard around the same time their neighbors and others claimed to have seen a “UFO” in the night sky. Rumors about UFOs are gaining a lot more attention in Michigan after New York City and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Witnesses claim ‘UFO’ sighting in Michigan’s Bad Axe

The above claims about a possible UFO, described as “a white/metallic disc” in Michigan originate from a group known as the National UFO Reporting Center, as Bended Reality notes.

Report Quotes alleged witnesses, who claim to have watched “a pair of F-16s engaged in a dogfight with an object they were unable to see as they moved a camper at the storage units across from the Bad Axe Meijer store on June 3.”

But, they could get a clear vision of the so-called UFO or UAP as the sunlight “reflecting off the object” restricted the view. One of the witnesses identified as Christopher Bilbrey of Ubly, said: “The UAP was extremely fast. It could easily overtake and outmaneuver fighter jets.

“It would overtake a jet, stop suddenly and seemed to turn toward the incoming jet (sic) like spin in their direction without moving.”

UAP makes some wild claims

Further, the witness claimed that fighters attacked the UFO which was traveling allegedly at high speeds. “The jet fired anti-missile flares like it was under direct attack,” the website states quoting Christopher.

The second jet fighter fired flares while the object spun in the air. They flew away after launching an attack on the object thrice, while the latter stood before the Sun for a “brief period before taking ‘a victory lap’ and flying north toward Lake Huron.

Christopher allegedly claimed that he is a former military member who served in South Korea. He claimed to have tried to record the attack on the fighters with his mobile camera but was unable due the the altitude.

It is not proven that the sighting occurred

The claims made by the supposed witness about a possible UFO sighting in Bad Axe haven’t been verified or confirmed at the time of this writing.

A Huron Country Sherriff reportedly said his office received no reports regarding the incident that occurred on 3 June.

Kelly Hanson also happens to be a licensed pilot, and he said if the fighter jet were, in fact, a pair of F-16s, they would have been “scrambled from the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio, not Selfridge Air National Guard Base near Mount Clemens.”

National UFO Reporting Center, a nongovernmental organization, reports UFOs or aliens sightings every day. It’ll be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year.

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