All the Buzz around Gabby Petito case draws attention to missing man Daniel Robinson from Arizona


All the Buzz around Gabby Petito case draws attention to missing man Daniel Robinson from ArizonaPHOENIX —After authorities on Sunday announced that they may have found the remains of Gabby Petito in Wyoming, a viral tweet reminded the public to keep 24-year-old Daniel Robinson in mind ⁠— a geologist who went missing in the desert just outside of Buckeye, Arizona, a little over two months ago.

But that was not all: A petition made by the Robinson family created two weeks ago to hold accountable the Buckeye Police Department, the investigative agency on the case.

On Monday afternoon, more than 8000 people had signed the petition.

His father, David Robinson, states he has done more to find his son than the law enforcement agency since Daniel went missing.

“This petition gives (my family) the ability to have their voices heard. Daniel’s family will feel empowered knowing that they have the community’s support and an agreed-upon desire to see that everything is being done to find Daniel, my son, her son, their brother, their nephew, their grandchild, and their cousin home,” The petition stated.

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More than that, David Robinson wants the police to criminally investigate his son’s disappearance due to findings from his private investigator, including allegations that Daniel’s Jeep was driven after crashing and the crash site may have been staged.

Daniel Robinson was last seen leaving his worksite

Daniel Robinson, 24, was last seen on June 23, 2021, driving west from his work site in an area west of Sun Valley Parkway and north of Cactus Road in Buckeye, Ariz.

Robinson was last seen the morning of June 23 driving near Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road in his 2017 blue Jeep Renegade.

Officials claim that Robinson didn’t tell anyone where he was heading or why he was leaving.

Robinson was found dead after police searched by air and land, pulled telephone records, and checked hospitals. Soon after, he was added to the national database of missing persons.

Since then, the Buckeye Police Department has worked with outside agencies to search more than 70 square miles to locate Daniel. According to a statement issued Thursday, investigators have utilized UTVs, cadaver dogs, and air support, including a drone and a helicopter.

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According to police, a landowner found Robinson’s significantly damaged Jeep on July 19, approximately four miles southwest of the job site Robinson was last seen at.

According to police, Robinson’s Jeep appeared to have rolled over and landed on its sides in a ravine. Evidence suggests that Robinson was wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle crashed. The vehicle’s airbags had been deployed.

Dabiel Robinson's vehicle was found significantly damaged.

Police confirmed that Robinson’s clothes, cellphone, wallet, and keys were found at the accident scene.

The vehicle’s state isn’t suspicious of foul play, so police have not launched a criminal investigation into Robinson’s case.

Police have also confirmed that human skull investigators found July 31 in the desert south of the Jeep does not belong to Robinson.

According to the statement, despite reports that other human remains were found in the area online, the department stated that they had not seen any. According to police, the other remains discovered in the search turned out to be animal bones.

GoFundMe for Robinson has raised almost $40,000

David Cawley-Robinson, left, stands with his brother Daniel Robinson, 24, who was last seen driving west from his work site in an area west of Sun Valley Parkway and north of Cactus Road in Buckeye, Ariz., on June 23, 2021.

Police said that Robinson is 5-foot-8, has black hair and brown eyes, and does not have a right forearm or hand.

Robinson was hired to be a field geologist after he graduated college in 2019. He oversaw sites located in remote desert areas and often in extreme conditions and traveled long distances to work on projects, according to the GoFundMe page set up by Robinson’s family.

Robinson’s GoFundMe account was set up for he has an “innate passion” for adventure and is known to travel at opportune moments. Still, he constantly communicates with friends and family about his travel plans.

Since the GoFundMe was created, the page has raised nearly $40,000 as of Monday afternoon.

The department continued to analyze evidence and explore leads, the statement stated.

Anyone with information was encouraged to contact the Buckeye Police Department at (623) 349-6400.

Daniel Robinson, 24, was last seen leaving his work site in Buckeye, Ariz., near Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road on June 23, 2021. Officials said he was missing as of July 9, 2021, after they continued search operations.

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