All New Trailer For Heels Season 1 Episode 7 | Exciting Turn Arounds


The critically-acclaimed wrestling drama Heels, starring Alexander Ludwig and Stephen Amell, has unexpectedly missed a week in its airing schedule, and we explore season 1 episode 7’s next air date and why the show had a hiatus.

All New Trailer For Heels Season 1 Episode 7 | Exciting Turn Arounds

Heels follow two brothers inherited with their late father’s fortune in Georgia. We’re first introduced to Jack Spade (Amell), the owner of the Duffy Wrestling League, who controls everything on the professional side of things whilst juggling family life.

When is the season 1 episode 7 return date?

Heels season 1 episode 7 will air on Sunday, October 3, 2021, at 9:00 ET on STARZ.

When Heels missed its regular Sunday schedule, it was replaced with the series premiere of BMF – Black Mafia Family.

The show, which 50 Cent created, aired immediately after Power Book III’s Season Finale. This meant that STARZ opted not to show two shows produced by the same company back-to-back.

Heels will not be taking this week off its normal schedule and will resume its regular timeslot for most of the season.

Is there a Starz series left?

Heels season 1 has eight episodes. The final episode will air at 9 pm ET on STARZ.

Episode 6, titled ‘House Show’, saw the baptism of Big Jim’s baby and the episode symbolized a new start for Duffy. Jack spent this episode also promoting and preparing for the fair fight.