All Discounted Streaming Deals from Hulu to Starz

Black Friday is the beginning of the streaming era.

Some streaming services offer deals that include months at a steep discount (or even free).

Hulu is the best, offering subs for 99c per month. Normal plans cost around $7 per month. This would be a $72 price cut over a full year.

Growth at Hulu has slowed somewhat, as has all of Disney’s streaming services. Hulu currently has 44 million subscribers. This includes those who subscribe to its Live TV service. The service will also include Disney+ and ESPN+ access beginning next month.

NBCUniversal is offering six months of Peacock Premium for half off; it’s normal price is $4.99 a month. Peacock boasts more than 50 million registered users, which includes people who use the free tier. During it’s most recent earnings report, NBCU executives declined to give any kind of update on sign-ups.

ViacomCBS is giving one month of Paramount+’s premium plan (normally $9.99) for free. ViacomCBS boasts 47 million subscribers to all its streaming services including Showtime and BET+. Tomorrow’s premiere of 14 shows will be the first. “South Park” specials.

Among other Black Friday deals, Starz is offering six months for $20 (it’s normally $43.99), Discovery is offering Discovery+ for 99 cents a month for three months (it’s normally $4.99) and AMC is offering AMC+ for $1.99 per month for a year (it’s normally $8.99).

Amazon has dropped HBO Max from its Prime Video Channels. It is now offering two months for $0.99 per month from 16 streaming services, including AllBlk (AMC+), Lifetime Movie Club Club, Noggin Paramount+ and PBS Kids.

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