Alexa Demie Vocalized About “Euphoria” Season 2 Look. Makeup Artist Says

  • Alexa Demie played Maddy in season 2 of HBO’s hit show for teens. “Euphoria.” 
  • A tweet featuring behind-the scenes photos of Demie applying her own make-up has gone viral. 
  • Demie played an important role in shaping her character’s appearance, “Euphoria”Says a makeup artist.

Behind-the-scenes photos showing “Euphoria” star Alexa DemieThe first episode of season 2’s makeup was done by her. 

Uploaded by fan account @alexafilesOn Tuesday, the tweet had over 71,000 followers and already had over 11,00 likeds at the time this article was written. The photos show the actor meticulously finishing the winged eyeliner that she appears to have worn in the HBO teen show’s debut episode. It aired on Sunday.

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These images are a result of an Instagram post by makeup artist Alexandra FrenchOn Tuesday, Demie shared his insight on working with him on the episode that featured the characters celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

“So grateful I got to design and apply this look with the help of the makeup queen herself Alexa,” French wrote. “It took the 3 of us to get that liner right, the sharpest liner in TV history!”She added.

“Alexa brought so many iconic makeup ideas to the trailer and we made it happen! I loved being a part of her creative process and diving deep into Maddy’s character,”French said. 

French worked alongside Doniella Daly, the show’s chief makeup artist and department head. Demie told Insider that Davy stood out as someone who spoke a lot about French’s character’s appearance in the second series.  

“Alexa had a really strong vision for her character this year,”Davy spoke out about the transformations that actors and characters have experienced over the three year hiatus.

“Everyone definitely has their own opinions, and some people on certain days are more engaged or invested in their vision on that day,”She spoke. “And then some are more kinda like, ‘Look, just do what you want.'”

alexa demie and sydney sweeney euphoria 103

Season 1 cast member Sydney Sweeney and Demie “Euphoria.”

Eddy Chen/HBO

Demie, 33, was different. Davy said: “She came in with all of her ideas and her plans for the makeup, and my team and I helped her execute the looks.”

“Euphoria”Episodes air weekly on Sundays, so fans will need to wait to find out what else is in store. However, Davy stated that they can expect a lot less glitter, and a lot more grit. 

“In terms of the subject matter,”She continued, “things get a lot more dark this season. It’s a really heavy, really dark season, and the makeup needed to sort of work with that vibe.” 

Alexandra French and her representatives “Euphoria”Insider was not able to get a reply immediately. 

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