Alex Jones Legally Responsible For Damages Resulting From Claims Against False Sand Hook

This week, a judge ruled that Alex Jones, Infowars host, is legally responsible for damages he caused by false statements about the Sandy Hook massacre.

On Thursday, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble issued default sentences against Jones, a conspiracist who claimed that the December 2012 shooting, which resulted in 26 deaths, was a conspiracy. “giant hoax.”20 of the 26 people who died were young children. Judge Gamble stated that Jones and Inforwars failed to comply with court orders to provide information to the lawsuits filed against them by the parents of two young victims.

AccordingAccording to Huffington Post which first reported about the default judgments in the case, a jury is set to convene to determine Jones’ monetary obligation to the plaintiffs. Jones has lost two other cases. Infowars and nine families whose loved-ones were killed in the shooting also sued Jones. At the end of 2019, he had to pay $100,000 in legal costs to one family.

Jones has had to deal with a variety of lawyers throughout this process. However, his most recent one was Brad Reeves. TelledLast month, the Austin-American Statesman reported that default judgments would be entered. “hugely excessive.”Judge Gamble wrote the following in documents that were examined by CNN and HuffPost on Monday. “Furthermore, in considering whether lesser remedies would be effective, this Court has also considered Defendants’ general bad faith approach to litigation, Mr. Jones’ public threats, and Mr. Jones’ professed belief that these proceedings are ‘show trials.’”

A judgement like Judge Gamble’s is very rare in the legal community. A judge like Judge Gamble is also known as a “death penalty sanction.”

Reeves did no immediate respond to my request for comment.

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