Alec Baldwin Responds to Rumors about Not Complying with Rust Investigation

Alec Baldwin Responds to Rumors about Not Complying with Rust Investigation

The ongoing investigation into the death Halyna HUTCHINS, late cinematographerThe movement continues on many fronts. Actor Alec Baldwin is one aspect of the whole matter. He was allegedly involved in a case of non-compliance to the Rust investigation, in which he’s a person of interest. After the rumors continued to circulate, the actor issued his own statement. 

This particular story involves Mr. Baldwin’s cell phone, which according to sources has been requested by New Mexico law enforcement through a search warrant. It was allegedly issued around mid-December, at the same time as a subpoena. Another part of the investigationAccording to reports, the actor may have not followed up on said warrant. Through another video that he has shared with his friends InstagramAlec Baldwin addressed these allegations by saying: 

One other quick note: any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone that’s bullshit, that’s a lie. This is a procedure in which one state requests another state. Someone from another state can’t come to you and say ‘give me your phone, give me this.’They must go through the same state as you. It’s a process that takes time. They have to specify exactly what they want, they can’t just go through your phone and take your photos or love letters to your wife or what have you. I really don’t know. But of course we are 1000 percent going to comply with all of that, we’re perfectly fine with that. Think about the source and the people who tell you this.

Reading through the portion of the actor’s statement presented above, Mr. Baldwin seems to claim that the process of obtaining his cell phone isn’t as simple as it sounds. Pledging full cooperation with the investigation, it looks like his point of contention is the method of securing this potential evidence, as well as the scope of what’s to be gathered. This is not the correct procedure Alec Baldwin claims to have used, and may or may no be the law. 

Last October, during a day of filming on the set of Baldwin’s latest film, RustAccording to reports, a prop gun was used. Loaded with live ammunition. During the scene in question, the gun misfired in Mr. Baldwin’s hand, grazing director Joel Souza, but fatally wounding Halyna Hutchins. The investigation into the tragic incident has continued to include the entertainment industry. Reacting in its own mannerEspecially through the promise to remove live arms from future productions. 

Reacting to The resulting legal proceedings and media coverage.Alec Baldwin is calm and focused. He acknowledges that people have supported him and criticized him throughout the process but he keeps the core of what is happening. He spoke to Ms. Hutchins’ memory and included this statement in his overall remarks. 

Only truth can bring Halyna Hutchins’ death to our collective memory. I insist on, demand that all the investigators do their best to uncover the truth. To honor Halyna Hutchins’ death, it is best to uncover the truth.

This legal inquiry is progressing and the truth is exactly what all are trying to find. There’s no telling how much longer it will take, or what measures will need to be taken, to get to those definitive answers. All anyone can hope for is a resolution that helps comfort Ms. Hutchins’ grieving friends and family, and that a tragedy of this magnitude Repeating the same thing becomes more difficult, if it is not impossible..

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