Alec Baldwin is involved in a $25 million lawsuit. This one is not related to rust.

Alec Baldwin is involved in a $25 million lawsuit. This one is not related to rust.

Alec Baldwin’s name has continued to make headlines over the last couple of months as investigations continue into the accidental Halyna Houtchins, cinematographer, has diedThe set for the western film Rust. Alec Baldwin will most likely be the one to file the lawsuits. Have his hands fullLegally speaking. But now Baldwin has been named in a new lawsuit worth $25 million that has nothing to do with a death on a movie set, and is instead focused on social media comments surrounding the  Capitol Riots in 2021.

Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum was an American Marine who was killed in the suicide bombings that took place at Kabul, Afghanistan’s airport in August. Alec Baldwin apparently sent his widow some money as a tribute to the fallen soldier, but now that widow, Jiennah McCollum, and the soldier’s two sisters, have filed a $25 million defamation lawsuit against Baldwin after he allegedly called the family insurrectionists.

The issue goes back to January 3 of this year, when one of the fallen soldier’s sisters, Roice McCollum, posted a “throwback”Instagram picture that featured her in Washington D.C., on January 6, 2021 (the day of the Capitol riot). Baldwin responded publicly to the Instagram picture, referring to the money he had donated. InsiderAccording to reports, Baldwin privately messaged the woman after the suit was filed. He accused her of being an alcoholic. “insurrectionist.”

According to the suit, Baldwin then posted to his own Instagram account bringing attention to the photo, resulting in Baldwin’s followers flooding the post with “hostile, aggressive, hateful messages.”Roice McCollum was alleged to have attended the January 6th event in a lawsuit  “peaceful, law-abiding manner”In response to Alec Baldwin’s private messages, she apparently said that she had spoken with the FBI.

Needless to mention, Washington D.C. events on January 6, 2021 have resulted in a flurry of criminal charges and we certainly haven’t seen the last of that. The events are still incredibly contentious, so it’s little surprise we’re seeing the events result in civil litigation as well.

This is Alec Baldwin’s third lawsuit directly. Two separate suits were filed in connection to it. The accident on set of the movie Rust.Both The chief of lightingAnd The movie’s script supervisorSeparate lawsuits have been filed against the [producers] of the movie, among which Baldwin was one. These suits claim that Halyna Hutchins’ death due to gunshot wounds was part a string of accidents that happened on the movie set as a result of unsafe working conditions. 

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