Al Pacino expecting baby No. Noor Afalla and Al Pacino’s First Child

Al Pacino We will be saying hello to a new little friend soon.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Scarface The actor is expecting with his girlfriend, aged 83 Noor AlfallahHis rep confirmed that she is 8 months pregnant to E! News.

He sparked romance rumors with Alfallah, 29, back in April 2022 when the two were seen leaving the Felix Restaurant in Venice, Calif together.

Previously, Alfallah dated Mick Jagger For over a full year, until the breakup in 2018. Later, she was spotted with Clint Eastwood In 2019, clarified theDaily Mail There was no “relationship” between Clint and her. As for Pacino, he and girlfriend Meital Dohan Calling it quits by 2020

Pacino shares his joy with three of his other children. Julie PacinoEx Jan TarrantAs well as Anton PacinoThe 22-year-old woman Olivia PacinoThe exclusion of a 22-year-old woman Beverly D’Angelo.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Godfather star has maintained a close connection with his kids, noting that he wanted to be different from his father, who left him and his mother when he was 2 years old.

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