After TikTok Streaming Riot, Suspected Capitol Rioter Arrested

  • Juliano Gross was taken into custody Tuesday for his involvement in the January 6, 2021 riots at the US Capitol.
  • After an FBI complaint, the FBI charged him with illegally entering Capitol.
  • Gross was accused of having escaped from the Capitol using TikTok, according to an FBI complaint.

According to police, the January 6, 2021 rioter, who claimed he was livestreaming the TikTok insurrection in an attempt to raise money, was arrested and identified by citizen sleuths. A FBI complaint.

Juliano Gross, a New Jersey resident, was arrested Tuesday on four federal counts, including disorderly conduct, trespassing in the US Capitol Building in connection to the Capitol riot. NJ Report. The complaint was filed January 11 at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, according to The court filing.

Insider was not able to reach Gross and determine if he had legal representation. The DC District Court didn’t immediately respond to a request.

Gross was accused of entering a restricted space without lawful authority and intending impede or disrupt government business. His arrest came after a Federal Bureau of Investigation complaint.

According to the complaint, Gross told the FBI in two separate interviews that he had entered the Capitol Building during the insurrection.

According to the document, Gross was discovered by the FBI on or about January 7, 2021. This was a day following the riot.

Juliano Gross

Juliano Gross in a photo taken from a TikTok video.

US District Court for the District of Columbia

According to the document, although the tipter stated that the account had been deleted by the individual, the individual later shared a screenshot with the FBI. The complaint said that a second person contacted the FBI on January 8th 2021 about Gross’ TikTok accounts.

Gross met law enforcement officials at his house on January 28th, 2021. Gross stated that he entered Capitol Building on January 6, and that the event was livestreamed because he wanted money through donations.

He claimed that viewers had given him $150-200, but he couldn’t retrieve the donations as his account was closed. “banned,”According to the document.

The FBI agent that signed the affidavit said that he reviewed numerous videos that allegedly came from Gross’ TikTok Page. These videos were shared by TikTok users, and uploaded by Twitter users. According to the document, Gross was also seen entering the Capitol Building from CCTV footage.

He wrote that he had reviewed a tweet video by a citizen sleuth. It featured a voice which the agent recognized as Gross’. “We are in the Capitol Building. Power back to America. We are in the Capitol Building. The Capitol Building has been overthrown. It has been overthrown.” 

The agent stated that they had reviewed clips that seemed to show Gross filming in the Senate gallery. “Open the door! Open the door!,”, and he left the Senate chamber.

According to the agent, these videos are allegedly from Gross’ TikTok account.

Gross was interviewed again by the FBI on December 29, 2013. He identified himself in several CCTV images of the Capitol Building and confirmed his clothing that day. 

According to Insider’s database, more than 750 people have been charged in connection to the riot at Capitol last year. 

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