After spotting The Ordinary’s Home Bargains at a cut-price, beauty lovers are going crazy

The ORIDINARY skincare line quickly gained a large fanbase due to its low price tag.

Imagine your favorite products being even more affordable.

Shoppers have gone wild after seeing The Ordinary Niacinamide powder, which retails at £5, for just 99p in Home Bargains


Shoppers have gone wild after seeing The Ordinary Niacinamide powder, which retails at £5, for just 99p in Home BargainsCredit: Not known. Clear with picture desk
The product is a firm favourite for beauty fans


Beauty fans love this product.Credit: Not known. Clear with picture desk

You don’t need to go to Home Bargains.

TikTok has been used by beauty fans to encourage people to walk to high-street stores after they saw The Ordinary Niacinamide Powder on sale at a fraction of its original retail price.

The cult product usually retails at £5, but is currently available in Home Bargains for the reduced price of just 99p.

The online description of the product reads: “This ultra-fine 100% Niacinamide Powder promotes a brighter, more radiant complexion by smoothing textural irregularities, mattifying the skin and minimizing oils.”

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Kerry, who posts under @dayswithkerry_x took to social media to share a few of her thoughts. Video The product was on her local shelf.

She captioned her post: “Where are all my fellow Ordinary fans at?!? @Home Bargains I hope.”

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Another person posted a video. TikTok she shared her excitement and captioned it: “What a bargain.”

These videos have been viewed thousands of times and received a flood of comments from happy beauty fans.

“Think this means a Home Bargains trip,”I wrote one.

Another note: “We have to go Home Bargains.”

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The third was penned “Got 3 today in mine!”

A fourth writer wrote: “Omg no way!”

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