After spending 34 hours in a 22-foot deep crevice, a dog was rescued

After getting trapped in a 22-foot deep crevice on a mountain, a dog was rescued by rescuers 34 hours later.

Reggie, an 11 month-old spaniel, fell down a crevice in Llwynypia Mountain’s Clydach forest, Wales.

Reggie, after being trapped for over 34 hours, was finally rescued and safely returned his owners to their home. They have confirmed that Reggie is in good spirits. “good spirits”Despite his ordeal.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service responded to the call shortly before 3pm on Tuesday and utilized specialist equipment such as canine lights and cameras in order to assess the situation.

After 34 hours being stuck, Reggie was rescued and reunited with his owners.Reggie was finally rescued after 34 hours of being stuck.

Reggie’s owner Leah Davies called for help after firefighters failed to rescue him.

Drainforce’s employees saw her post and arrived to help.

Reggie was later saved by a friend after being rescued from 8.4m below the surface.

Ms. Davies shared the news via Facebook and thanked rescue crews for their help.

Reggie the 11-month-old spaniel fell down a crevice at Llwynypia Mountain in the Clydach forest, Wales.Reggie, an 11-month-old spaniel, fell into a crevice. (Drainforce LTD).

She wrote: “Reggie is in good spirits, the vet has no concerns for him, he really is a true little warrior.

“The love, support and help from everyone I can’t thank you all enough, we are overwhelmed!

“A massive thanks to Drainforce Harry Booton (and) Neil Wilson.”

She also thanked the local chip shop “fuelling all the rescue teams”And, there was more: “We got there in the end.”

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