After my son was killed by an American bully XL, I could only identify his body by the shoe.

MUM has spoken of the painful moment she was forced to recognize her dead son by his shoe when he was murdered Mauled to death by a XL bully dog.

Jack Lis (10 years old) was murdered by Beast, an eight-stone dog, in Caerphilly (South Wales), in November 2021.

Jack Lis, 10, was killed by an eight-stone American Bully XL called Beast


Jack Lis (10) was killed by Beast, an American Bully XL weighing 8 stones.Credit: PA
Emma Whitfield, 32, has described the heart-breaking moment she had to identify her boy's body by his shoe


Emma Whitfield (32), has revealed the moment when she was forced to recognize her son’s dead body from his shoe.Credit:

Sixteen more people, including a 70-year-old woman who was not named at the time of the attack on the woman this weekend, have died in dog attacks since Jack’s demise.

In 2022, there were almost 22,000 injuries caused by dogs that are out of control.

Emma Whitfield 32, a campaigner for Jack Lis Law told the Daily MirrorIt was extremely difficult to identify Jack from his shoes.

“Being told he didn’t make it was unimaginable.”

I'm haunted by seeing dog maul my boy to death - no more parents should suffer
My son was killed by a dog called ‘Beast’… I carry out same ritual every year

The devastated mum previously revealed how she is haunted by her memories of the savage attack.

She stated: “I am still having terrible flashbacks.” “I still see that animal with its teeth. I still hear the animal’s barking. It’s torturous to relive the experience every day.

It’s still unbelievable to me. “It hits you over and again, whether on the couch or the journey home.”

In June 2022, Brandon Hayden (then 19) was sentenced to a little over four years of imprisonment in a juvenile offenders’ facility. Amy Salter (then 29), was also jailed three years for being the owner of an out-of-control dog.

Beast’s previous owner was trying to get rid of the dog just days before the horror amid fears it would attack.

He wrote a plea on a bulldog Facebook page claiming the American pitbull-style animal was ‘great with people’ but ‘unfortunately does not like other dogs’.

The owner replied: “I tried to help him but I cannot risk my other dogs.

The time is short.

The post was accompanied by a photo of a hulking, muscular dog.

When the dog viciously attacked Jack, it had just recently been adopted by the family one of Jack’s friends.

The campaign for the ‘Jack Lis Law’ is backed by the Dog Control Coalition – which includes the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – and Caerphilly’s Labour MP Wayne David.

The group is calling for an alternative approach to the dog law that includes all breeds and places emphasis on training, breeding and selling of dogs.

Beast's previous owner was trying to get rid of the dog just days before the horror


The previous owner of Beast was trying to sell the dog only days before it became a horror.Credit:
Brandon Hayden with the dog on CCTV lunging at people days before the attack


Brandon Hayden and the dog seen on CCTV lunging towards people days before an attackCredit:

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