After making a mistake, Power of the Dog Director apologizes ‘Devaluing’Comment about Venus and Serena Williams

After making a mistake, Power of the Dog Director apologizes ‘Devaluing’Comment about Venus and Serena Williams

When you’re a woman trying to build a career in a male dominated industry, it is going to be difficult. This is obvious. This week Jane Campion. Director of Power of the DogShe was able overcome male colleagues and won the Critics Choice Awards’ top director prize. She made a comment about Venus Williams and Serena Williams, for which she now has to apologise.

Jane Campion referenced Venus and Serena Williams during her acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards. Also, part of the awards raceThis year in the Will Smith-led King Richard. Campion is considered one of the greats in tennis “marvels”Campion also stated that they didn’t need to compete with men as she has always done. Campion now admits how badly she spoke and offers an apology. The IndependentCampion refers to her statement as “quoted”, “thoughtless.” The apology reads… 

I made an inane comment that equated what I do in film with the achievements of Serena Williams or Venus Williams. I didn’t mean to diminish these two world-class Black athletes and legends. The Williams sisters have, in fact, fought against men on and off the court, and they have both set new standards and opened doors for women in the world.

Jane Campion apologizes on several levels for her statements. First of all, her words are simply not factually correct. Venus and Serena Williams may not compete directly against men on a daily basis, but they have certainly done so, and women’s tennis certainly competes against the men for recognition, airtime and more. Beyond that, even if this were not the case, the implication of Campion’s words is that those that do compete directly against men in their field are somehow more important or successful– at least when they win. 

It’s possible to be a female director at HollywoodThis is no easy task. Jane Campion was reminded thatRecently, she was able to do so. It is essential that women work harder to get opportunities. Those who are granted these opportunities need to fight for recognition, access to better-known projects, and to win the right to do so. It’s understandable why Campion would be proud of herself for taking an award from the likes of Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson, but as she says, in doing so and saying this she minimized the accomplishments of other successful women, which the director says was not her intention. She continues… 

I wouldn’t want to minimize women who are extraordinary. Serena and Venus are two of my favourite women. Their achievements are inspiring and titanic. Serena and Venus: I am so sorry.

I believe we can all agree on the fact that Venus Williams, Serena Williams and Jane Campion are amazing women who have made a difference in our lives. Great things achievedIn their chosen field. We don’t need to set up against each other. 

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