After her mum demanded that she give her games console to her son, aged 8, during a flight, a passenger was left shocked.


A WOMAN was stunned when a mother demanded that she allow her son, aged 8, to play on her console while she flew.

The 25-year old woman was on a two-hour trip across the US, accompanied by her Nintendo Switch.

A passenger was left stunned after a mum asked her to give her game console to her son


After a mother asked her son to play on her console, a passenger was stunned.Credit: Getty

They wrote: “I was strapped in my seat and decided to take out my Nintendo Switch from my carr yon beneath my feet.”

A passenger stated that a woman sitting next to her unbuckled her seat, and asked her to share her gaming console with her eight-year-old boy.

The passenger refused to go, as she claimed she was pregnant. “didn’t feel comfortable”It was given to her by someone she did not know.

Despite her decline, the mum kept pushing the passenger. When she continued to say no, it was finally stopped. “livid,”Only for her child to begin “whining and kicking the seat in front”.

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The passenger said: “By the end of the flight, the woman collected her luggage from the overhead bins and said: ‘hope you’re happy going against gods word, not sharing with a child.'”

The young woman claimed that other people had defended her against the mother, but others laughed. She said the mom was the most loved. “entitled people”She had never met anyone else.

Online, people were equally stunned.

One person wrote: “As a mom that is ridiculous. Good parents plan for flights with plenty to distract their child.”

The second agreement was: “You were in the right to say no. You paid for it. If she didn’t have anything for her child to do. Then that was on herself.”

Others also offered their advice.

One person said: “In future, don’t explain yourself or entertain further harassment; “NO” is a complete sentence.”

It’s not the first instance of something like that.

One mother was punished for being a mum “entitled”After requesting that a stranger stop watching a film, the woman played games with her 7-year-old son on a flight.

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Most people were on the side of the passenger, calling the mum entitled


Most people were there to call the mum entitled, but most people were by the side of their passenger.Credit: Getty


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