After harsh digging, some Strictly Fans believe they’ve seen a new “feud” between Craig and a male celeb.

After a hard dig, STRICTLY fans believe they have spotted a new feud between Craig Revel Horwood, judge of the Supreme Court, and a male celebrity.

Craig, 57, is well-known for his harsh criticisms and speaking from the mid. But tonight, Blackpool’s special saw him deliver one to a celeb, who was not even on the dance floor.

Strictly fans are convinced they have spotted a new 'feud' between Craig Revel Horwood and a male celeb


Fans of Strictly believe they have seen a new “feud” between Craig Revel Horwood, a male celebrity, and their stricken dog.
Craig made a dig about Tyler West during his critique of Will Mellor's Samba


Craig was critical of Will Mellor’s Samba and made some digs at Tyler West

Craig was impressed by Will Mellor’s fun Samba routine. Craig then closed the show by telling him how great his hip moves were.

He suddenly added: “There was so much hip content, I think you need to go backstage and teach Tyler a thing or two about that.”

Craig mentioned that Tyler West had previously performed a Salsa earlier in the evening. However, he said that he would have preferred better hip action from Tyler West.

Strictly viewers believed that his comments on the show made him feel bitter against the radio DJ.

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On Twitter, one commented: “The comment Craig made to Tyler is shocking!

“On tv especially, i hope Tyler doesn’t take it to heart too much, i think he’s a brilliant dancer and him and Dianne are the most perfect partnership.”

An additional: “Not the first time Craig’s done this to Tyler. Remember when he told Tyler his “bottom was sticking out”! Watching the frustration and hurt in Tyler’s face, having to defend his physique was sad. He even felt like he had to make a joke of it to deal with it.”

Another tweeted: “Craig is tearing into Tyler yet again!” It was so heartbreaking to see him endure these comments that offer no solution.

“Criticism is important but there are better ways to explain decisions without bashing someone for reasons out of their control.”

Another wrote: “Ouch Craig has it in for Tyler 💀 #strictly.”

A fellow Strictly fan asked this question: “What’s Craig’s issue with Tyler?
Very inappropriate dig from Craig #strictly #scd.”

Craig hadn't been impressed by Tyler's hip action during his Salsa


Craig was not impressed by Tyler’s hip action during the Salsa

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