After ‘Distancing’ The Church, John Travolta departs the Scientology?

Has John Travolta is now a non-believer in Scientology? According to one magazine, Travolta is known to have been distancing his self from the controversial religion for a while. Here’s what we know.

John Travolta Takes A ‘Step Back’Scientology?

This week is Okay! According to reports, John Travolta has resigned as a faithful member of the Church of Scientology. While Travolta has long been one of the church’s staunchest supporters, the magazine suggests his faith in the religion has wavered after his wife, Kelly Preston, tragically passed away. A source told the outlet that Travolta was an insider. “It’s no secret Kelly was the more ardent Scientologist. Now, there are whispers that John could be ready to ditch the church.”

After 'Distancing' The Church, John Travolta departs the Scientology?

Travolta recently put his Clearwater home up on the market, leading many to speculate he’s planning to distance himself from the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. But that isn’t all that’s got people talking. A source reveals that actress Laura Prepon’s departure from the church “has emboldened” Others stars may follow.

“Scientology leaders must be worried John will follow suit,” The tipster trusts. “John has needed time to heal from Kelly’s death in his own personal way, and he’s given all indications that Scientology isn’t quite doing it for him anymore.”

John Travolta Planning To Move To LA?

While it’s true Travolta has put his Clearwater home up for sale, there’s no evidence to suggest he’s leaving the Church of Scientology. First of all, it’s not a requirement to live in Clearwater, Florida, to be a part of the church. It’s entirely possible that Travolta is looking for a change of scenery, but that doesn’t mean his faith has been shaken. Furthermore, Preston’s tragic passing was over a year ago now. If the loss was his main reason for leaving the church, wouldn’t he have hinted at his dissent sooner?

Truthfully, the only one that knows about Travolta’s relationship to Scientology is Travolta himself. It’s impossible to say what he plans, which only makes it even less likely that this tabloid has any credible information about the star. Travolta could stay with the church over the next few years or decide to leave it like many other celebrities. We don’t think this tabloid will be the first to find out.

After 'Distancing' The Church, John Travolta departs the Scientology?

The Tabloids About John Travolta

Since Travolta’s wife died last year, tabloids have speculated about Travolta’s relationship with the church. Last July Neue IdeaTravolta, claimed “walking away” Scientology. You can then Touch According to Travolta, Travolta was having “second thoughts” About his faith. Recent reports by the tabloid have Travolta being again “breaking away” from The church. Obviously, none of these magazines has any real insight into Travolta’s faith.

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