Advice on what to do the night before cataract surgery

Advice on what to do the night before cataract surgery

As cataract surgery is an outpatient operation, you do not need to dress in a gown. Dr. Dello Russo suggests bringing an extra shirt in case fluids leak from the eyes. You should leave any jewellery at home and use gentle facial cleanser and fragrances. Take your records of health and other relevant information to the office before you leave. After the procedure you won’t have enough time to drive yourself home, so make arrangements for someone else to take you.

When you come to the office for your procedure, Dr. Dello Russo will administer anesthesia. Doctor Dello Russo will correct only one eye at a time, and you must return to the office for the correction of the other. Dr. Dello Russo explained that the procedure is completed after the patient has woken up. He is then sent home and prescribed eye drops for the healing process. “Most of our patients see immediate improvement — best described as being able to see underwater — and are able to go back to work/driving the next day with little to no pain.”

Initially, the lights may seem bright but this will pass. Following cataract surgery you will also have to apply eyedrops every day for the next month.

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