Adele makes impromptu appearance at drag queen’s nightclub show

It’s all about girl power for Adele.

The British pop star crashed a show hosted by drag queen and “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” alum Cheryl Hole at the London nightclub Heaven Thursday. During her appearance, Adele took a turn on the club’s pole and assisted Hole in judging the show’s contest.

Following the contestants’ performances, Adele asked Hole if she could give her input in selecting the winner.

“You can have the final say– you’re Adele,” Hole replied, as seen in fan video shared on social media. “I’m little old Cheryl.”

The decision was an easy one for Adele, who chose a young woman named Martha as the winner. The “30” singer described Martha as “sexy,” “beautiful,” “lovely” and “confident with all these men around.”

“I pick her: 100%,” Adele said during the announcement of her decision. “We love being females, don’t we?”

Adele then had a brief heart-to heart with Martha onstage. “Congratulations, my love,” she told Martha. “You look lovely, but you are lovely. I can see it in your eyes.”

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Hole gushed about her interaction with Adele afterward, sharing a pair of photos of the two on Twitter.

“Love you divalina,” Hole wrote.

Adele’s fun night out followed an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” which is set to air Friday. Earlier this week, Adele scored big at the 2022 Brit Awards, garnering three of her four nominated awards, including the prestigious album of the year and artist of the year prizes.

“I love being an artist and seriously can’t believe it’s my job,” Adele said from the podium.

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Contributing: Melissa Ruggieri

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