Adam Levine had to apologize for the incident on-stage with a fan

Adam Levine had to apologize for the incident on-stage with a fan

It’s impossible to predict how an artist will react in unexpected situations. Adam Levine’s response to a fan who stormed onto the Maroon 5 stage in 2021 was not well received by fans.

ET reports the band was performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles at the We Can Survive concert. Levine was singing. “Sunday Morning”When a woman jumped up on stage, she began to hug the singer. Luis Peñaloza recorded a TikTok videoLevine was clearly unhappy with the interaction and he reacted by shouting at her. Levine looked disgusted at the woman as she hugged him, before shouting at her. “F**k!”Levine, who was in an annoyed mood when security grabbed Levine, literally shook off her hug. The video went viral quickly and was viewed by many people.

The interaction between the singers and fans elicited many passionate reactions. One TikTok user wrote: “I get it, but he doesn’t have to act disgusted by her. Like those are his fans that keep him relevant. Still a huge fan tho.”Many people argue that she shouldn’t be allowed to enter his space. Another TikTok user wrote this: “no this is not ok. yall say be humble, until that person pulls out a weapon. its happened before, and we need to remember and respect boundaries.”Levine’s video was viewed over one million times and attracted so much attention that it reached the singer.

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