Actress Susan Cabot Was Mercilessly Killed at 59 by Her Only Son Who Accused Her of Attacking First!

Actress Susan Cabot enjoyed a stellar career in the 50s when she played a series of leading roles, but the following years were years of decline until her tragic death at the hands of her son.

Although Susan Cabot was an actress of great fame, many people have questioned her parenting skills. Judges pointed out her horrible living conditions at the time her son killed her.

The trial and prosecution of the son of the B-movie actress were widely considered dramatic as they gathered widespread interest. This is what happened.

A portrait shot of legendary actress, Susan Cabot


Cabot, who was 59 at the time, had appeared in 1950s low-budget films like “Wasp Woman,” “Machine Gun Kelly” alongside Charles Bronson, and “Tomahawk” with Rock Hudson, early in their careers.

Timothy Scott Roman was her son. He was born as a dwarf. According to his legal team, the medical attempts to increase his growth left him mentally disabled because of the effects of the drugs.

On December 10, 1986, Cabot’s body was Found She was found dead in her home, which she shared at the time with Roman, her 23-year old son. Roman called the police to report her death.

Roman first explained that he had been knocked unconscious by a man who claimed to be a ninja fighter. When he woke up, Roman found his mother dead on the ground.

His legal team admitted that he made up his story to cover his tracks. However, they pointed out the fact that the 23-year old had no intention of killing his mother but was forced to do so.


The defense team suggested that Cabot may have been partially responsible for Roman’s death in the trial following her death. She was said to have instigated the violence that led to Roman’s death.

Susan Cabot extends her hand towards Charles Bronson during a scene in the 1958 film ‘Machine-Gun Kelly.

Roman however confessed to his mother that he had first attacked her with the weapon he used for his murder.

Roman was charged with murder and faced the possibility of a few years behind bars for his mother’s death, but his legal team cited his mental state as a possible reason he should walk away as a free man.

Roman’s first attorney, Chester Smith, maintained that Cabot’s son suffered from the condition of his birth and the overbearing nature of his mom, but the case headed to a mistrial because Smith became sick.

Susan Cabot, Actress, and her guest attend the premiere in Los Angeles.

They believed that by citing the messy home where the actress died and her son, they could prove she was too mentally unstable to raise children and that her parenting was abusive.

Cabot was alleged to be the one who gave her son severe side effects and tried to boost her son’s growth by a few inches. These were believed to have raised a number of concerns.

Roman could have suffered from behavioral problems such as mood swings, which were a result of the heavy medication to which he was exposed. His legal team described him instead as an experiment gone wrong.

Roman was able to do his homework as long as he took his medication. He was an excellent student in many areas, but could not do simple calculations without his medications.

Use his mental state as his defense, Roman’s legal team sought to absolve him of any ill-feeling or premeditation that resulted in the death of his mom to aid him to avoid the maximum sentence.


Actress Susan Cabot Was Mercilessly Killed at 59 by Her Only Son Who Accused Her of Attacking First!

During the trial, Cabot, who was once romantically linked to Jordan’s King Hussein, was painted as an actress who was past her glory days and was battling the pain of a low income and a series of personal challenges.

American actress Susan Cabot is the star of Roger Corman’s film 7 October 1954.

A series of mental breakdowns resulted from her living circumstances. According to her legal team, it caused her to withdraw and become isolated from her son.

Her last few days of life were described as being spent in intense paranoia, depression, and anxiety that at one point proved to be frightening for her young son.

Reports indicate that Cabot told her therapist she wanted to die on her death day. All these were arguments that Roman’s defense team put out to state his innocence.

Photograph of Susan Cabot from the American television and film actress.


The defense team claimed that it was first-degree murder. However, the prosecution argued that the circumstances led to the crime. Prosecutors also argued that the terrible nature of her death was evidence of malice and pain.

Roman had previously reported that an intruder was present. Detectives noticed that the key clue that led to Roman being named as a suspect was located in Roman’s room. There, two giant dogs prevented officers from entering and searched it.

The alleged murder weapon, which was hidden in a box, was discovered by detectives once they had gained access to the room. Prosecutors also claimed that Roman sustained minor injuries in comparison to his mother, who died in the battle with the Ninja warrior.

Susan Cabot and a man are seen in a scene from 1953’s film Gunsmoke.


According to reports, the police alleged that Roman and Cabot might have been involved in an ongoing feud which was not clear, but the feud seemed to cost Cabot her life.


The judge Convicted Roman of involuntary manslaughter as against murder, which would have required sufficient evidence to prove. He was Sentenced Three years of probation is required for the mother’s death.

Darlene E. Schempp of Van Nuys Superior Court presided over the six-day trial. She noted that Roman loved his mother. This was a difficult decision to make for the judge.

Mrs. James Stewart and James Stewart with Susan Cabot and Cindy Garner, as they prepare to depart for the premiere of “Bend of the River” in Portland, 21 January 1952.

His grandmother and his family described the sentence as easing, noting that it was a hard experience. They were happy that Roman was not sentenced to the full fury of the law, which would have meant life imprisonment.

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