Actors Who Transformed Their Bodies To Get A Role

Actors Who Transformed Their Bodies To Get A Role

Ryan Reynolds stands in a league of his own when it comes to, dare we say it, middle-aged men’s physiques. Move over, dad bods, the Ryan Reynolds form is all the rage now, whew! Reynolds is fit, no doubt. He can perform a backflip on a moment’s notice and looks generally fantastic while just sauntering around in jeans (via Men’s Health).

The thing that sets Reynolds apart from other Hollywood fitness phenoms is that he maintains his superhero shape year-round. This does not mean that his transformations are easier than those of the other superheroes we see vanquishing bad guys across our screens. Instead, Reynolds works with a trainer consistently so that when he gets a role that requires bulking up, he can make swift changes to get in shape. Avoiding cheat meals and skipping alcohol, in addition to adding some specific workouts, can really help expedite the process. The mental fortitude it takes to support this lifestyle is enviable, for sure. When prepping to film Blade: Trinity, he reportedly gained around 24 pounds of muscle, and it shows. He beefed his diet up to 3,200 calories per day and worked out aggressively six days per week to get “aesthetically fit.” Reynolds’s adherence to a balanced lifestyle as he creeps toward 50 is enviable.

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