Actor Plans Private Wedding in Seoul

Actor Plans Private Wedding in Seoul

This winter, the wedding will take place.

YTN broadcasted a report on Aug. 30 viaSoompithat South Korean actor Kim Dong Wook and his non-celebrity girlfriend are preparing to get married this winter. KEYEAST’s Kim Dong-Wook agency released this statement as a response: “Hello. Hello, this is KEYEAST. The translated statement says that actor Kim Dong-Wook will tie the knot in the winter. The bride is an outstanding non-celebrity. They have been in a sincere relationship built on faith and trust, and will soon be married. [their relationship] A beautiful marriage will bring this to life. “In consideration of the non-celebrity fiancée and her family, the wedding ceremony will be held privately somewhere in Seoul. Please be understanding that we are unable to reveal the precise date or location. “We are grateful for the support of the people who love and always support actor Kim Dong Wook. We would appreciate if you sent Kim Dong Wook warm congratulations on his new adventure.”

Kim Dong Won announced the following:Post the letter below Kim Dong Wook posted the following on his Instagram account, Aug. 31, “Hello! This is Kim Dong Wook!” You’re in good shape, aren’t you? We will marry this winter with a partner who I have met. In the letter, it continued: “I’m writing to let you know that I have met a person with whom I will be navigating my next phase of life together, and we are getting married this winter.” As an actor, I’ll always try to make a good impression with my sense of responsibility. Thank you for all your kind words and support.

Kim Dong-wook, a 1983 born Korean actor first entered the industry by appearing in student films. Kim Dong-wook, born in 1983, first got into the entertainment industry through student short films and small roles.Coffee PrinceHe rose to prominence in 2007 after playing a major role in the show featuring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. He rose to fame in 2007 after playing a key role in the show starring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo.Coffee PrinceIn Han Kyul, Gong Yoo’s Han Kyul cafe, Ha Rim was the mischievous staff member. The years that followedCoffee PrinceHe achieved success at the box office withTake offHe appeared first in (2009) and then again inHappy Killers(2010),Romantic Heaven(2011),The GuestThe year 2018 has arrived.The King Of Pigs(TV series) (2022). One of his most notable performances was inConcubineHe received praises for the performance he gave in 2012 as an oppressed monarch. Kim has also appeared on the K dramaI Am My SpringJoo young Do is the psychiatrist, who’s life has been shaped by an emotional scar. Also, there was the TV seriesThe Delightfully UnfaithfulChun Woo Hee plays a con man who is unable to feel empathy in a tension-filled revenge drama. They are polar opposites but they form an unlikely team to battle evil.

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