According to reports, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are reportedly ‘taking a break’ from their nearly two-year relationship

According to reports, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are reportedly 'taking a break' from their nearly two-year relationship

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are now separating after nearly two years of being together. They met on the set Don’t Worry Darling, They were the subjects of the much-publicized An alleged drama surrounding this filmApparently, they have decided to split.

A source said that the split was caused by the death of a source. People:

He is still traveling and is currently going abroad. She is now focusing on her family and her work here in L.A. It was an amicable decision.

Styles’s Los Angeles residency is being ended as he continues his worldwide tour for his album. Harry’s House. He is also on the verge of beginning the next leg to his tour in Mexico and Australia. This means he won’t be in the same place for any length of time.

After the chaotic lead-up to the release Don’t Worry Darling, Styles starred in and Wilde directed., There were Questions regarding how they were holding up. Although they quickly dismissed the rumors, Wilde and Styles piled on the PDA in NYC a little while back. Wilde was also seen at Styles’ concerts a few times since the film’s release. But, it looks like the worst is over.

According to the source, they are still in touch despite their alleged split. “very close friends,”And another friend added:

They are currently separated by their different priorities.

This seems like a great reason to take a vacation or even get rid of it. Styles is currently traveling the world with his immensely popular album. He has also had two movies made. 2022 film schedule, Don’t Worry Darling My policeman. He’s a busy, busy man. Wilde is also a parent to Otis, 8-years-old, and Daisy, 6 years-old. They seem to be at two different points in their lives with different priorities. It would be extremely difficult for them to maintain a long-distance relationship, given their busy schedules.

This news follows intense attention paid to the Don’t Worry Darling drama, but also after a lot attention was drawn towards the relationship between Wildesi and Sudeikis. Although the two’s issues reportedly predated StylesThe Booksmart Director Ted Lasso star’s nanny has come out saying there was allegedly There is overlap between Sudeikis and WildeStyles.

Also, the nanny claimed that Sudeikis went through Wilde’s phoneStyles was also discovered to have kissed her. The actress denied that Styles had kissed her, but she has spoken out about the rumors of her leaving. SNL For her, alum Don’t Worry Darling You can be a co-star “complete horseshit.”

People reports that Styles and Wilde have been separated because of the intense attention they receive. They also claimed that their relationship has experienced many changes. “ups and downs.”

If this is the true end of Wilde & Styles, I trust the reports that it was an amicable split and that they are still in good terms. Do not worry, darling.

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