According To Professional Hair Stylist This is How Easily to Achieve NYFW Look

According To Professional Hair Stylist This is How Easily to Achieve NYFW LookThis year’s New York Fashion Week was a whirl of dreamy colors and show-stopping silhouettes. But we couldn’t help but notice one look dominating the runway: braids.

Microbraids, boxer braids, hidden braids, braided fabric—Australian luxury brand the Bronx and Banco delivered perfectly plaited looks in its new Tulum-inspired collection. We’re here to tell all.

Bringing Back Summer Camp Chic

Growing up with thick hair in the Midwestern heat meant braids were my go-to summer style. It wasn’t a fashion choice; it was a way to avoid a heat stroke.

But after this year’s Fashion Week, Bronx and Banco have changed the braid game forever. I’m done with the awkward and lumpy French braids from my youth. Hello, ultra-glam plaits.

Braids are a tricky hairstyle to master, so we asked the experts.

Lead hairstylist for NYFW and UNITE Hair’s Creative Director Gary Baker filled us in on how to take this look from summer camp to glam.

Braid Prep

Baker knows that all good braids start with a good base. Therefore, Baker prepped all of his models’ braids with U: DRY Dry Shampoo.

Your hair type and oil level will determine which formula of dry shampoo to use. For extra slick or thick hair, try the Plus+ formula. The High formula adds an extra boost of volume for flat, fine hair.

Stepping Up To The PlaitAccording To Professional Hair Stylist This is How Easily to Achieve NYFW Look

Once your hair is prepped, you’re ready to start weaving. Baker starts by rubbing a dollop of CONUNDRUM Paste in his hands.

As you braid, the styling paste gives your braid texture and shine. And if you’re like me and Youtube tutorials are your best friend, here’s an excellent how-to for micro (or boxer) braids.

You can add ribbons to your micro-braids. Please refer to model Beth Minardi for all of your Greek goddess inspiration needs.

Locking In The Look

To finish off the look, Baker uses SECOND Day to tame any wily flyaways or frizz. Then, he does an all-over spray of TEXTURIZA to add volume, texture, and fullness. Bonus: TEXTURIZA spray can also be used as a thermal and UV protectant.

For extra long-lasting hold, Baker tops the look off with GO365 Hairspray. This buildable, non-flaking spray is excellent for all hair types.

And when you’re done rocking your braids, you can take them out and rock mermaid hair the next day. You get two hairstyles for the price one! I’ll take it, thanks.

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