A$AP Rocky Was Forced by Rihanna To Sign A Prenup To Save Her $1 Billion?

It is Rihanna who is refusing to get married A$AP RockyBefore he signs a prenup According to one tabloid Rihanna wants her money to be protected, which upsets A$AP Rocky, who thinks that the singer has doubts about their relationship’s strength. So what’s going on with Rihanna and A$AP rocky Their relationship?

A$AP Rocky Was Forced by Rihanna To Sign A Prenup To Save Her $1 Billion?

Rihanna Protecting Her Billion-Dollar Empire?

According to the National, EnquirerRihanna would like A$AP Rocky and her to sign a prenup before they tie the knot. Although the rapper may have head over heels . Rihanna stands firm on the prenup. “Rihanna grew up poor, and she says it is her duty to protect what she’s worked so hard for,” An insider claims to have information about the newly-minted billionaire.

Rihanna would be wise to protect her fortune. However, the famously flirtatious artist seems a bit hurt by the situation. Rocky was also mentioned by the insider. “feels like it’s like betting on them to fail” as a couple. Even though he’s insulted by the prenup, the source says, “Rihanna will get her way, and Rocky will have to cave.”If the “Fashion Killa” rapper doesn’t sign the prenup, Rihanna is happy to remain unmarried.

A$AP Rocky Was Forced by Rihanna To Sign A Prenup To Save Her $1 Billion?

What’s Going On With Rihanna And A$AP Rocky?

Based on the National Enquirer’s narrative, you’d think Rihanna and A$AP Rocky could be on the verge of a breakup if the prenup goes through. However, Gossip CopThe story is seen through a different lens. The two aren’t even engaged yet, and the tabloid is already making steep assumptions about their relationship.

Additionally, the two have an extensive dating history, so it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t be on the same page about something so drastic. Rocky himself couldn’t stop talking about the future with her. He was on the cover of GQ’s July issue, and he explicitly said that everything about their relationship is easier since he knows she’s “The One.”He is not funny if he dismisses her concerns and fights with her about their future.

A$AP Rocky Was Forced by Rihanna To Sign A Prenup To Save Her $1 Billion?

Another reason Gossip Cop isn’t giving this Rihanna/A$AP Rocky drama much credit is the notorious unreliability of the National Enquirer. The outlet has in the past made up fake stories about the singer. The Get in touch According to reports, Rihanna would suffer heartbreak after she fell for Rocky. She would soon leave him. This story is absurd nine months later. In February 2020, the tabloid said that Rocky was still in her family’s panic over her partying. The billionaire newly made is the most controversial. Get in touchTrust is the last option.

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