A woman managed to get her grandparents to design her next tattoo.

A woman managed to get her grandparents to design her next tattoo.

Most people find it difficult to choose a design for a new tattoo. This woman, however, had the best idea by asking her grandparents.

Emily McNeill@emilymcniell), a 23-year-old content creator from Ireland, went viral on TikTok for getting her grandparents to design her new tattoo – without them knowing!

Emily asks her four grandparents to draw flowers in her video that has been viewed over 4.2 million times and 750,000 views.

Emily then heads to a tattoo studio where she will have the flower designs made into a stencil that can be inked on her upper arm.

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Her video, captioned “my grandparents designed my tattoo (without even knowing)”More than 6,000 people commented on this sweet tribute.

One user commented: “This is the first tattoo I’ve been obsessed with. I love it”.

Another one: “I HATE tattoos but this is absolutely adorable. Imagine when they’re gone how lovely it will be. What a great idea.”

Many users also left heartwarming comments about Emily’s grandparents and missing their own.

One user commented: “How lucky are you to have all your grandparents”.

Another one: “Seeing your grandparents completely melts my heart. I’d never hesitate to do the same if mine were still here.”

An additional: “The fact you still have all four grandparents made me tear up. What a beautiful memory to have forever”.

One even said: “I’m going straight to my nan and grandad’s tomorrow with a pen and paper!”

In her comments, Emily added that she hopes to record and upload her grandparents’ reactions to her new tattoo – and we can’t wait to see!

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