A woman is charged with killing a child in utero after a pregnant mother’s murder

You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Missouri woman indicted in the kidnapping and murder of a pregnant Arkansas woman faces a new charge for causing the unborn child’s death.

The three-count indictment, returned by the federal grand jury, includes a third count alleging that Amber Waterman was responsible for the death of an unborn child.

Waterman is accused in the Indictment kidnapped Ashley Bush should claim the unborn child of Ashley Bush by Nov. 2, 2020.

This kidnapping of Bush and his transportation from Arkansas The death of the woman was due to her trip from Missouri, according to prosecutors.

Robert Everson, the McDonald County Sheriff said paramedics stopped Waterman and her husband as they drove to a hospital in their car with Bush’s baby. Waterman claimed that she gave birth prematurely, even having the placenta from her baby in her trousers.

Waterman, according to the Sheriff’s office, claimed that the paramedics had been unable to save the infant.

Jamie Waterman faces a second charge of accessory after the event to a murderous kidnapping.

They both plead not guilt to the charges that were presented in the first indictment.

Indictment: He assisted his wife to “hinder and prevent” her arrest, trial and punishment knowing that she committed kidnapping and death.

A family member revealed in an interview with Digital last year that Bush’s burnt body was found in Missouri only a few weeks after his kidnapping.


Lainey Blackburn’s cousin said that the family of Bush, and her unborn child named Valkyrie grace Willis was deeply affected by Bush’s death.

Blackburn described it as “a nightmare from which you cannot wake up.”

Bush, according to her cousin, was diagnosed as being 31 weeks pregnant with gestational hypotension. She was trying to find a job she could perform at home, because she was the main earner in the home she shared with her fiancé, who is in ill health and unable to work.

She went online and looked for a job that she could do from home. Blackburn told her that “she was prepared to do anything to get a work-from-home job.”

According to prosecutors, Bush met a woman named “Lucy,” online. She offered to assist her in finding a new job.

Prosecutors say that “Lucy”, a woman who went to Arkansas, met Bush at a library. A few days later she met Bush again, pretending to take Ashley for an interview.

According to the complaint, Bush was unaware that “Lucy” had been Waterman. After a few weeks, the body of this mother-of-3 was found.

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