A Texas 4-Year-Old makes a miraculous recovery after a serious farm accident

After suffering severe injuries in an accident, a Texas boy made what doctors call a miraculous recovery. According to KWTX local outlet

Kutter Shed, 4 years old, was hospitalized after suffering traumatic injuries to his leg.

According to the outlet, Shed had undergone nine operations before she was released from the hospital on the 16th of June.

Shed’s community gathered to raise money for his family, creating The Tough Kutter Team Roping Event in Holland. Richard McLaughlin of the community, and their son Marty McLaughlin and Kendra McLaughlin of the adjacent land, held the event free of charge at an arena. It attracted hundreds of Texans, and raised thousands of dollars.

“We raised lots of money and are so thankful for the community that took their time to come out and support such a great cause,”Amber, his mother, told the outlet.

According to the outlet, little Shed’s biggest achievements included walking and eating by mouth. Now, he is exceeding expectations and is running, off formula feeds and gaining weight through eating.

The Shed family said the burden of the stressful situation has been eased by the support of the community.

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