A study has shown that Covid vaccines can be safe for unborn babies, as well as their moms.

First UK data shows that COVID jabs are safe and effective for pregnant women.

Analysing more than 350,000 births, it was found that the outcomes of births were identical for vaccinated as well as unvaccinated mothers.

Pregnant women have been urged to come forward for their coronavirus vaccines and doctors have consistently warned of the pandemic risk to mums-to-be


Women who are pregnant have been urged by doctors to get their coronavirus vaccinations. Doctors have repeatedly warned about the danger of a pandemic to mothers-to-be.Credit: Getty

According to research by the UK Health Security Agency, jabbing doesn’t reduce the risk of stillbirth or premature delivery.

Surprisingly, only 22% of August-born women had received their Covid vaccine.

England’s top doctor has repeatedly warned of the pandemic risk to mums-to-be.

Prof Chris Whitty, who spoke last week, revealed that 98% of women admitted to hospital with the virus were not vaccinated.

This is in line with data from the NHS that shows nearly one fifth of critically ill Covid patients were pregnant females who hadn’t been jabbed.

Experts claim that the most recent data is “hugely reassuring” for expectant mums – and urged them to get immunised.

Professor Lucy Chappell, the Department of Health’s Chief Scientific Adviser, said: “This pandemic has created a lot of fear and uncertainty for those who are thinking about pregnancy or expecting a baby, with Covid-19 being very dangerous for pregnant women in particular.

“It is therefore really important that they get their Covid-19 vaccine – which has now protected hundreds of thousands of pregnant women around the world.

“Today’s data are hugely reassuring and further shows the vaccines continue to be the best way pregnant women can keep themselves and their babies safe from this virus.”

The study was conducted on births occurring between January and August of this year.

It showed that the stillbirth rate in vaccinated women was 3.35/1000, while it was 3.60/1000 for unvaccinated.

Jabbed mothers had a higher proportion of babies with low birthweight than those who were not. This was 5.28 percent compared to 5.36 for the unjabbed.

The rate of premature births in vaccinated mothers was 6.51 percent, while it was 5.99% for unvaccinated moms.

However, medics believe this is normal as jabbed mothers are more likely to be older mothers with underlying medical conditions.

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and Deputy Lead for the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Programme, said: “It is clear from the data that pregnant women are more likely to become very unwell if they catch Covid – with one in five of the most critically ill coronavirus patients being unvaccinated expectant mothers.

“This new and encouraging research shows there are no significant concerns about the safety of Covid vaccines in pregnancy, so we will continue to advise midwives and clinicians to give expectant mums the information and support they need to make the right decision for them and their babies.”

The EU chief warns that there is a possibility of a new Covid version in Europe.

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