A Stroke Caused by Bee Stings Left a Man Paralysed

A Stroke Caused by Bee Stings Left a Man Paralysed

  • After being stung several times by bees, a 45-year old Indian man suffered a stroke.
  • He arrived at the hospital half paralyzed in one limb and with difficulty speaking.
  • Although bee stings are not usually associated with stroke, they can lead to other complications.

According to a case report published by the, a farmer from India presented to the hospital with partial paralysis. He also had trouble speaking and talking after being stung by 15-20 bees. British Medical Journal.

The stroke is very rare in bee stings. Only one Few Similar CasesIn recent years, there have been numerous reports of women in the world reporting on these issues. One woman from Scotland was one of them. A hemorhagic stroke caused deathAfter one sting.

For people who work in warmer environments, bee stings and other insect bites can be quite common. A sting usually leaves a red welt, and temporary discomfort. A bee sting can cause severe allergic reactions and other conditions that could lead to hospitalization.

A serious sting — or several stings — can cause swelling throughout the body, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, overactive blood clotting, rhabdomyolysis, or even kidney failure.

Doctors didn’t find any allergy or other conditions that could increase the likelihood of the farmer reacting to the bee stings. The symptoms of the 45-year-old man began suddenly six hours after his bee-stings.

Although the man was alert and conscious when he arrived at emergency department, he struggled to get words out because of motor aphasia. He couldn’t move his right arm or leg.

An MRI revealed that the man had suffered a stroke. It was too late for doctors to attempt to dissolve the blood clots that were blocking the flow of the artery. The doctors instead prescribed steroids and antihistamines in order to treat the beesting.

A month later, the man was able to regain some muscle function and his speech had improved. “significantly,”The doctors took note. The doctors referred him to another hospital to get more brain imaging and to perform an operation to unblock the blocked artery. However, he refused to receive any further treatment.

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