A Son Dressed up Like His Mom — They Are the Same Person

You are not seeing two screens. The son tried on the clothes of his mother to check if it worked. It’s amazing how similar they look.

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Although I never had children of my own, I was always curious to see what they would look like. My mother and father are nothing alike, so I’m sure I won’t ever find out that I was left by a witch coven to keep me safe from a warlock trying to steal my power. Hey, this could be real.

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Kids who are exact replicas of their parents fascinate me. Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava is a prime example of how an apple doesn’t fall far from the branch. It grew about 6 inches apart on the same tree branch. Monique, or Meza as she is known by @moniquemeza13_ On TikTok she discovered that her son was her twin when he dressed exactly as her. It’s uncanny.

Ava Witherspoon and Reese Witherspoon at Big Little Lies premiere
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Ava Witherspoon with Reese Witherspoon

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It’s hard to believe that this boy is dressed like his mom.

Personal, I’d like to see moms and sons bonding together in ways that don’t fall into traditional gender roles or revolve around an idea of masculinity. Even though it is fun to watch a sports event as a spectator, men deserve more.

Monique’s curious son wanted to know if he would be able to use Monique’s ID by simply dressing in her clothes. This fun mother had no choice but take his offer. This fun mom not only supported this experiment, she also made it possible.

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“I need to know who’s wig that is and who did his make up,” asked Lia Man in the comments. The look is flawless.” Monique’s top of the line makeup and wig skills transformed her boy into her.

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Monique’s addition of the theme song from Reba’s show, The Hit Show, has enhanced this TikTok, if that’s possible. Reba. All I see when the music is playing is Reba. It’s all about the wig. It’s amazing that he survived!

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The season finale of RebaRemember the experiment. Monique s’s son could use Monique if he dressed as her to buy alcohol? Monique said in her replies, “He entered the house carrying a 6-pack of beer and I laughed so hard that I fell from my chair.” The beginning of an illegal trend could be here. It’s not something I like, nor was anyone else in the comments.

This made people laugh out loud.

This TikTok video had the potential for a very quick demise as it features a young male putting makeup on which can be interpreted in countless ways. Texas is a state that has some laws against it. The worst of the social media trolls may have given this one a free pass, because it’s a little. However, it’s nice to see that the comments are not filled with vitriol.

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One person said, “This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen today.” Nearly everyone agreed with this sentiment. Many people also complimented his looks and movements. TikToker typed “HIM ALTERING THE PURSE WHILE HE WALKS BY LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, screamed another. It’s the flip of my hair for me,” said another fan.

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Monique’s son may look similar to her, but just because it worked does not mean that he looks like Monique. It’s true that I have been in a store where the owner barely looked up from his television. Perhaps her son got lucky. Monique kindly provided an side-by-side comparison.

It is not a followup TikTokMonique sent a photograph of her with makeup on next to her child, as well as a second photo showing the two in their regular state. It’s obvious that they are related. Monique said in the comments that her son is the only one who looks similar to her. Even worse, she added that “he even acts like me”. This is fine if you mean that he’s hilarious.

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