A New 90-Day: Big Questions about Mike and Natalie’s Present Story

A New 90-Day: Big Questions about Mike and Natalie's Present Story

In the new season of The CW, Natalie Mordovtseva gave viewers whiplash. 90 Days: Single Life Her story took many different paths. Her storyline took many different directions. 90 Day Fiancé Star seemed to be on the rise with Josh Weinstein. But when he realized that he was struggling, a She refused her ultimatum Natalie seemed to lose sight of Josh as she thought about having a child and began thinking about how to start one. All of a sudden she was back at her ex Mike Youngquist’s house and talking about how to get back together. The rumor that Mike and Natalie have been reunited is now disproven by a surprising source. 

Candice Mishler (better known as to 90 Day Fiancé fans as Josh Weinstein’s ex-wife, recently made some claims that may hint that Natalie and Mike’s reconciliation was not legit. Mishler was interviewed InTouch Natalie:

It’s obvious that they still talk quite often.

Well, that’s certainly an interesting development and raises some big questions about Natalie and Mike’s story. I’m still waiting on the tell-all for answers, but definitely have more questions given this latest development. 

Was Mike and Natalie able to reconcile, or did they break up again?

Because it appeared more likely than not that Mike and Natalie would get back together, the shocking news regarding Josh and Natalie is alarming. Sure, Mike had his reservations given how Natalie hurt him in the past, and fans knew Natalie wasn’t solely responsible for that marriage falling apart either. Do you think they tried again, and quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, but I’d love to know what led to Natalie flip-flopping back to Josh. 

I am curious to learn if Mike has heard from Natalie that Mike and Natalie have been back together. Mike was not afraid to mention Josh in passing when Natalie started seeing others while she was still legally married. If Mike and Natalie are romantically involved in any way, and Mike found out via Josh’s ex that she was talking to Josh, I can’t imagine it would go well. 

What’s the point of all this? 

The weird thing about this rumor is that it wasn’t that long ago that fans were questioning whether Josh was actually Natalie’s boyfriend or an actor hired by the show. He seems to have a very different personality. Has a strong connection with the Potthast familiesIt is intriguing, but not unsettling. Could this quote from Josh’s wife just be another bit of conflicting information to throw 90 Day Fiancé viewers off the trail of what’s really going on with Natalie’s story, and another case of the show scripting storylines? 

Maybe we’ll get more answers in the 90-Days The Other Way tell-all, but given this all came out long after it was filmed, I’m guessing we’ll Only more questions are possible90 Days: Single Life’s tell-all airs on TLC on Monday, November 28th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Fans may start to browse the site now that tell-all is almost here 2023 TV schedule Take a peek ahead and discover their next obsession in reality. 

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