‘A Million Little Things’ – Who Was Gary With in When He Attacked Peter?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 1 of A Million Little Things.

Fans have been waiting for the return of A Million Little Things, and now that Season 4 is underway, questions are now getting answers. However, these answers also lead to new questions. Who was Gary within that shocking Season 3 finale where he attacked Peter? Here’s what we know.

Who was Gary with on ‘A Million Little Things’ when he attacked Peter?

In the third episode of Season 3, viewers were discussing the events between Gary and Peter (Andrew Leeds). The final moments during the episode left fans with a cliffhanger, and we weren’t ready for more of the picture being revealed during the Season 4 premiere.

Gary on A Million Little Things


During the final scene of A Million Little Things‘s Season 3 finale, viewers saw Gary walk up to Peter from behind. From there, he threw a burlap bag over Peter’s head, and those watching the season believe Gary attacked Peter for what he did to Sophie (Lizzy Greene).

As a quick recap, Peter was the music teacher of Sophie, and during the season, it comes to light that Peter assaulted Sophie. Gary had been caring for her and her brother, Danny (Chase Hurstfield), while their mom went to France to tend to her ailing father.

Gary loves Sophie, and when he discovered that Peter had taken advantage of her and authorities weren’t able to do anything about it, he took matters into his own hands. And fans saw a peek of that playing out in the Season 3 finale.

Gary visited Peter at his home, threw the bag over his head so he couldn’t get his bearings, and beat him. From the angle during the scene, it didn’t look like Peter saw it was Gary. It also appeared that Gary was alone in trying to find justice for his surrogate niece.

Gary on A Million LIttle Things

But in true premiere fashion, in the first episode of Season 4, fans realized that Gary was not alone when he went to attack Peter. Just as Gary pulled the hood over Peter in his music studio, a person walked into the room and Gary responded, “Did anybody see you?”

So, who was with Gary during the attack on Peter? It turns out that the other person who helped Gary find some sense of justice for Sophie was another character who felt he had every right to take down the dangerous music teacher who had wreaked havoc.

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That person was Christopher Gregory (Michael Weston), the dad of Layla, a young lady who had died by suicide and was also a victim of Peter. Previous to the night Greg attacked Peter, Sophie had read the private journal that Layla would write in before she died.

And while reading through Layla’s words, Sophie discovered that she, too, was a victim of Peter, who had also asked Layla to perform her music lesson in a swimsuit. Earlier in Season 3, when Sophie tried to tell the Gregorys what had happened, she hasn’t believed right away. But Christopher learned the truth.

A Million Little Things airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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