A man in his 20s is killed by a tower block and a woman with head injuries is found in flat

A 20-year-old man has died after falling from an East London tower block. His victim was a woman who was found in a flat with head injuries.

After being discovered outside of Tower Hamlets’ building by cops responding to reports of disturbance, the man was declared dead.

A man has fallen to his death at a East London tower block


One man was killed after falling to his death from a tower block in East London.Credit: MyLondon/BPM

Police rushed to the Canary Wharf tower block after reports of a disturbance in a flat at around 4.48am.

The arrival crew found a woman inside with head and facial injuries. They rushed her to the hospital.

The men discovered a man standing outside, and they suspect that he fell from Talisman Tower.

He died on the spot despite the best efforts by emergency services. His death has not been confirmed and no arrests have been made.

Greijb Koscwitz, a local construction worker, said to MyLondon that it was like a horror film.

“I had never seen anything like it me and the boys (other construction workers) were all taken aback it’s not what you expect to see when you turn up to your shift.”

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said they were called at 4.48am on October 20 to respond to reports of disturbances at Lincoln Plaza.

They replied, “Officers responded to locate a female in 20s with facial and head injuries. She was taken to the hospital.

“A short time later a male aged in his 20s was located outside following a suspected fall from height. Officers administered first aid prior to the arrival of LAS paramedics but he died at the scene.”

The tragedy unfolded in the early hours


The tragedy happened in the early hoursCredit: MyLondon/BPM

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