A legal expert reveals why Nicki Minaj’s threatened lawsuit may be a losing battle

A legal expert reveals why Nicki Minaj's threatened lawsuit may be a losing battle

Holly Davis, a legal expert, spoke exclusively to Nicki Swift about the reasons why Nicki’s potential lawsuit against Jennifer Hough as a rape victim could prove difficult for her. Davis is an Austin-based family lawyer. Kirker DavisKenneth Petty’s criminal past is a problem for his case. “Ultimately, Nicki’s husband has some major problems from his past, and a conviction for rape is a major question of his character,”Davis spoke to Nicki Swift. “People serve their time and change their ways, but it is reasonable to expect a harassment lawsuit from his accuser if he still attempts to contact her about something he admitted that he did in his past.”

Austin’s legal expert stated that it was up to the court whether Petty harassed Hough. However, Davis said, “I think it’s a bad idea for anyone to communicate with their victim after they were convicted of raping them. So Nicki’s husband may have to deal with the financial consequences of continuing communications with his former victim.”

Since Minaj met Petty, her fans were concerned that Petty’s legal troubles would cause Minaj to lose her Grammy nomination. In December 2018, Minaj announced her official relationship with Petty Instagram friend and childhood friend. Minaj posted a picture of them together on InstagramWith the Adele nodding caption “Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?… it’s no secret… that the both of us… are running out of time.”

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