A huge No Way Home leak could spoil the scene where Venom appears in the movie

Sony seemingly wanted Venom’s connection to Spider-Man has no way homeLeakage: It hosted a fan screening that preceded official screenings Venom: Let There Be Carnage release. That’s where we found out that the movie’s post-credits scene shows Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom traversing the multiverse. He was teleported from Sony’s SSU to the MCU with Peter Parker.

So that Sony could make the most out of its SSU, we expected it to attach the MCU to Sony. Spider-Manuniverse at the box-office. Venom is the connection to There is no way homeThis was no surprise. The lead-up to the Venom 2 premiere, it’s all fans talked about. It was assumed at that time that Venom might appear in There is no way homeThis is most likely to be in a scene after credits. And various leaks claim that’s exactly what will happen. A new rumor suggests that we may know what Venom will be doing in the future. There is no way home. Beware, Massive Spider-Man spoilers are below.

The There is no way homecameo

When we last saw Eddie and Venom, they were in a hotel room, watching Holland’s Peter Parker on TV instead of the soap opera episode they were enjoying just minutes before. Somehow, the two moved between realities to a universe where J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) was exposing Spider-Man’s identity on TV.

That’s all Sony gave us in Venom 2This leaves us curious as to what Venom will do in There is no way home. We knew that Venom was in the same place as Peter Parker in the post-credits scene after the events of Far from Home. Also There is no way home starts right after Far from home.

We saw a few leaks recently that said Venom will only appear in one of the film’s post-credits. Venom won’t be the sixth surprise villain. There is no way home.

A Marvel insider teased the possibility that Venom would appear in the film briefly just the other day. Grace Randolph stated that the event would have major consequences but did not reveal what those consequences were.

We already have another leak that reveals the Venom plot twist. This is Your final chanceTo avoid this major Spider-Man spoiler.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Screenshot of the first Venom: Let There be Carnage trailer. Source: Sony Pictures

The Venom vs. Spider-Man setup

We remember Sony’s first Venom vs. Spider-Man fight from Spider-Man 3, and it’s hardly the success it could have been. Given that timelines in the multiverse are generally alike, it’s not surprising to assume that Holland’s Peter might run into his own Venom experience in the near future. And it’ll certainly be an exciting face-off, considering how beloved Tom Hardy’s character is.

Venom in the There is no way homeIt makes sense to post-credits scenes. If the following leak is correct, we may know what happens.

Person posting There is no way homeOnline leaks ClaimEddie Brock is sent back into his universe. There is no way home. The twist is that Venom the symbiote stays. This will give Tom Holland the opportunity to get the Venom-symbiote.

It makes sense considering that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), may be able to send non-MCU characters back in their worlds. The Spider-Men, and the remaining villains, will return to their respective worlds. Eddie will also have to return to the reality he was born into. But can he go without the symbiote

Spider-Man's black-and-gold suit in Now Way Home trailer 2
Spider-Man uses Strange magic to video-conference with MJ, Ned and others. Source: Sony

It’s complicated…

That’s what the tweet makes it sound like, but things might be a lot more complicated. A different leaker who mentioned Venom’s presence in the There is no way homeThe new Venom leak seems to be confirmed by the scenes in post-credits.

According to the same leaker, only a portion of the Symbiote remains in the MCU.

That’s the only way to have two different Venom versions and meet all of Sony and Marvel’s Needs. The SSU Venom will continue to be featured in future movies and other crossovers. The MCU Venom can fight Holland’s Spider-Man in a future trilogy.

You can also find a black-and-gold Spider-Man outfit in the There is no way home trailer (image above), but that’s not the Venom Spider-Man version you want. There’s a hilarious explanation for that. It’s an inside-out Spider-Man costume that Holland’s Peter wears after someone spills green paint on one of his regular suits.

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