A High-End Dining Owner’s Brutal Response to A Bitter Customer’s 2-Star Critique Review

“The customer always knows best.” It is the most commonly accepted phrase in every industry, including the service industry. But, what you are going to read next is a viral story that managed to break this rule.

Recently, an infuriated owner at a high-ending dining industry couldn’t contain but, fire back at a bitter customer who left a 2-star critique review on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant in the story is Sticky Walnut in Chester and the Owner is Gary Usher. While the reviewer is Rob V.

A High-End Dining Owner’s Brutal Response to A Bitter Customer’s 2-Star Critique Review

The complete story

The story begins when a furious customer named Rob V leaves a 2-star critique review on Gary Usher’s upscale dining restaurant.

Although, the reviewer, started by expressing his admiration for the high-quality food served in the high-end restaurant. But, later concluded with him being unimpressed by the management at the restaurant.

Rob V shared his experience with the careless management at this high-end dining institution. Further, he shared, the way his grievance was not resolved by the staff.

In persuasion, he specifically shared the unacceptable behavior by the manager. The way he ignored his grievance. So, next, this made Rob V, pen a note to the owner at this high-end dining institution.

In response to his message, the owner, Gary Usher shared that he didn’t respect the time constraints of his booking at our place. Further, the owner said, that Rob V was politely asked by the manager to vacant the reservation tables as it was some other’s booked slot. In addition, Usher expressed:

“You proceeded to tell the manager that they didn’t deserve to be a Manager and weren’t qualified to be in the position.”

Along with this, the owner defended his management and the manager, by saying that they have been serving the place for a decade now. It is their hard work that made them rank in the top 100 positions in the National Restaurant Awards in the U.K.

This incident shows the difficulty of the restaurant industry and often the management there are looked down upon.

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