A Grandmother Is Suing Universal Studios After Injuring Herself At Harry Potter Ride (But Not How You’d Probably Assume)

A Grandmother Is Suing Universal Studios After Injuring Herself At Harry Potter Ride (But Not How You’d Probably Assume)

It is not uncommon for lawsuits to occur in theme parks. There are many rides that are specially designed to give you an extreme physical thrill. Accidents can happen. Sometimes, lawsuits can be brought about by other causes. Disneyland currently has to deal with A suit is better than the Magic Key programNow, an elderly woman has sued Universal Studios Hollywood parent, NBCUniversal Media LLC. Take a Harry Potter attraction tour. But she isn’t suing over what happened on the ride, but what happened in line.

According to KFIAM,Elizabeth Moore from Loomis (CA) is suing NBCUniversal Media LLC in damages for an incident last year in which a line divider fell onto her hand while she waited in line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction. The injury has caused her ongoing pain.

According to the suit against NBCUniversal Media LLC, it is liable for the fact that the resort was aware that the poles used in dividing the line were improperly secured and that there was a real danger of one of them collapsing.

Attraction injuries lawsuits are not uncommon. In the past we’ve seen lawsuits regarding injuries sustained on Epcot’s Frozen attraction. A couple of years back, there was also an instance where a woman was Space Mountain rider vehicle for injuredDisneyland In 202, Universal Orlando Resort was suedAfter an incident in which a man suffered paralysis from a fall on a water slide, the number is 0.

These are incidents in which an attraction was damaged or other conditions caused injuries. This is a very different situation, as it seems like a random accident that occurred while you were standing in line. It is possible that the pole fell randomly without warning. This is not what you would expect. Although, of course, there’s the possibility that the lawsuit isn’t telling the entire story.

Because most lawsuits involving theme parks are settled quickly, we rarely hear about court battles. There is a good chance that it will happen. NBCUniversal will probably arrange an out-of-court settlement for the women if the suit is valid. This may be easier and cheaper than fighting the suit. It’s unclear how much is being asked for by the lawsuit.

Hopefully this experience won’t sour anybody in visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, 2022You will find great things happening in both Florida and California’s theme parks.

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