A good news update on the Duggar Front. Jill introduces her fans to her adorable newborn baby in her first photo


A good news update on the Duggar Front. Jill introduces her fans to her adorable newborn baby in her first photo

The Duggar clan has been in the news quite a lot in recent months, namely due to Josh Duggar’s trial leading to frequent new reports about the imprisoned former reality TV star. However, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s family includes 19 children and counts a long list of grandchildren to boot. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard shared this adorable photo of their newborn baby. 

In the post, the parents of three, shared a first look at their little tyke, which also marks the family’s big return to Instagram. In the post, Jill reveals the little boy is named Frederick and they chose the name because it is very similar to her husband Derick’s. It’s just like an “Fre”Attached to the front. Below is the cutie. 

These hand mittens are great! Derick Dillard, dad, shared the same post to social media. His family shared an update to their blog. 

It also contained a story about the family’s pregnancy shoot after the birth. Although Freddy is the full name of Freddy, they gave an update. “Freddy” Frederick Michael Dillard, noting that he was born the day before their other kid Samuel’s birthday. His birth means that the entire family is now “expanded”Their “boy tribe.”According to the announcement:  

Mother and baby are doing well. We have been so blessed with the support of family and friends who have come to help, provide food and watch our big boys during this time.

Derick and Jill Dillard got married in 2014. They have had three children since then. Their son Israel was conceived April 6, 2015, while Samuel was born July 8, 2017. Frederick was their rainbow baby, and he was born on July 7, 2022.

The couple had been away for the past six weeks, as they welcomed their baby boy. Jill experienced a miscarriage in 2021, which is why the first look photo is so poignant. They shared their candid story with that experience on the Family BlogThey were delighted to find out that they were again pregnant. 

In fact, her last post was also about Frederick’s preparations. 

After months of hearing about both the Duggar and their families, this has been a time of great news for the Duggars. Josh Duggar’s trial and subsequent guilty verdicT, along with a separate lawsuit some other aspects of the Jill and other duggar women had filed a molestation reportAfter In Touch used Freedom of Information to obtain the report, the report was made available to the public. Jill was vocal at the time that the lawsuit was droppedIn February, we will be back.

They also have has been vocal about Duggar family matters, including feeling like they couldn’t make baby announcements when they wanted to during their time o reality TV, which ended before Counting onThe cancellation was made in response to Josh Duggar, the oldest son of the couple, being arrested in April 2021. This problem seems to have been resolved after I left the series. 


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