A girl stuns with ‘ridiculously expensive’PowerPoint Christmas gift list to parents, including Gucci and Prada.

A GIRL is stunned at her beauty ‘ridiculously expensive’PowerPoint Christmas gift guide for her parents, including Gucci and Prada items.

TikTok user @melissataalaShe showed how she added links and photos to her fancy wishlist slideshow.

A TikTok user showed off the extravagant PowerPoint she made her parents featuring gifts she would like for Christmas


TikTok user shows off her extravagant PowerPoint that she made for her parents. It featured Christmas gifts she would love to get.Credit: TIKTOK
The list was full of designer items


There were many designer items on the list.Credit: TIKTOK

She wrote: “Me making a ridiculously expensive Christmas list and expecting my parents to pay for all of it.”

The PowerPoint’s first category was “luxury gifts”She shared with us how she was asking her parents to buy Alexander Wang heels, Prada trainers and a Jacquemas sweatshirt.

But that wasn’t all.

She also explained how she was asking her family to buy Gucci earrings, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a Dior saddlebag, Louis Vuitton luggage, and a Coach Pillow Tabby handbag.

The list didn’t stop there, as the next category was “moderately priced gifts”Here she pasted some of the dresses that she liked.

She also added: “even my moderately priced gifts are expensive.”

Many were stunned at the PowerPoint’s extravagant presentation, which included one sentence: “I can’t get my head around the fact people live like this.”

An additional: “But like why?”The TikToker responded: “Why not?”

A third comment was: “The haters are just mad some of us are spoiled.”

The first category on the PowerPoint was 'luxury gifts', and she shared how she was asking her parents for Prada trainers


She shared that she had asked her parents to buy Prada trainers for the first category of the PowerPoint.Credit: TIKTOK
She had numerous 'luxury items' but also had a category of 'moderately priced gifts'


While she had many ‘luxury’ items, she also had a category for’moderately-priced gifts’Credit: TIKTOK
Many people were stunned by the extravagant PowerPoint


People were shocked by the PowerPoint.Credit: TIKTOK

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