A 23-year-old woman is a mother to 37 children and they all live in the same small house.


A 23-year-old woman is a mother to 37 children and they all live in the same small house.

23-year-old Malawian mother has taken on the daunting task of raising 37 children. Most of them she didn’t have, Although they all live in a tiny house, she has found a creative way to accommodate them all.

Most people find raising one child difficult. There is usually a learning curve. Two children can be difficult to raise, especially if they are both born simultaneously.

Imagine raising 37 children from the ages of five months to 16. This is the life Tusayiwe Mkhondya, a Tiktok user, leads. But, even more important, she does it completely free of charge.


It can be difficult to house so many children. But there are ways. Mkhondya found it. The 23-year-old woman recently became a mother. Shared footageThis video became viral via Tiktok, with people praising her for her selfless lifestyle.

The video clip has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and shows her taking viewers on a tour of the house all 37 children call home. She showed the living room, which she set up with basic furniture and a small television.

Although it gave off a cozy feeling, only a few children would have been able fit in the space. Then, she showed visitors one of the rooms in which the children sleep at night.

The living room was slightly larger than the room. The room contained four sturdy bunks that were well-made and covered with blankets. A baby cot was available and a chair could be used for those who do not want to sleep.

The airy room had many windows, but not doors. This allowed for enough cross ventilation to filter out the air. She showed another place that was decorated for females. It had pink curtains made from a light material, which gave the room a warm pink glow as light passed through them.

The room had a small bed that was sized for a king, as well as two chairs and a corner table. The room was similar to the first, but it had a pink monitor on the table.

A variety of medium-sized cloth boxes and small travel boxes were placed against one wall. They appeared to be stacked with clothes. On the other wall were a few educational charts that kids can use to help them learn.

The caption that showed Mkhondya dreaming appeared as the video progressed. It stated that she hoped they could expand their services and also add more street children, orphans, abandoned babies, to the growing list of people they already have.

Mkhondya displayed the third room to users as the smallest in her short video. It could only hold two small beds side by side, with very little space between them. It also had a table, 2 chairs, and a bigger monitor that faced the children’s bed.

Mkhondya also put up educational wallpapers in the next room. One showed an anatomy of a male child, while another displayed alphabet letters with pictures. The most beautiful room was the one that Mkhondya showed in her video. It featured the largest TV and what appeared to be a gaming console.

It was easy to see that the children loved sitting in the chairs placed in front of the monitor. The small room contained two beds of medium size. There were also several teddies, which suggests that it was a girl’s bedroom.

Mkhondya shared a caption along with the footage.


Mkhondya’s video has been viral on Tiktok before. Mkhondya shared her morning routine with children last month and they were amazed by the difficulty of it.

Her day starts at 4 a.m. and she will prepare all the food and drinks for the kids. These included hot meals, sandwiches, and juice boxes.

Mkhondya stated that she is the only one responsible for cooking the meals for children under five years old. Every child must complete chores in the morning. For older children, bedtime is at 7 p.m. but for those with babies to feed, it’s the beginning of her night shift. She :

“I have to feed them and also change their diapers and I also have to prepare for work and the next day.”


Mkhondya began her journey as caregiver after she became a single homeless mom at 18 years old. Shortly after, Mkhondya opened her first organization and was named “Mkhondya”. “You Are Not Alone”(YANA) and has been caring for children ever since.

She had 33 children in June. However, the number has risen over the last few weeks. Now, she is a mother to 37 children. She :

“All the kids are not abandoned. Some are orphans, some have only one parent, and some have both parents, but they have been abandoned by those parents.”

Tiktok’s followers have always praised her and it is clear that her care for children will be remembered forever.


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