8 Tips for Choosing a Good English Course Abroad

Studying abroad is quite an adventure that catches the attention of everyone who wants to live a new experience, travel, meet people, study, and learn a language. Imagine being there, learning firsthand the language, culture, and traditions of the destination country.

There are English courses of all kinds; summer courses, mini-stays, academic years, semesters, trimesters, courses for professionals, English courses with a family… there are many possibilities when we begin to consider traveling abroad to learn languages.

But of course, not all experiences are the same. The difference lies in how we plan our trips because it is not about choosing the first option, but the one that suits us best.

8 Tips for Choosing a Good English Course Abroad

That’s why I recommend you to take note of these 8 valuable tips to choose a good English course abroad because it will be beneficial once you say goodbye to your parents.

  1. Don’t do it through agencies in your country if you want to pay less.

You may end up paying double what you would pay for a good quality English course if you contract it directly with the academy in your destination city.

  1. Choose your city of stay carefully.

Do not take this decision lightly! As my recommendation, I think you should take the time to choose and ask yourself these questions. Do you like the cold, the heat, the city or towns, the beach or the mountains? Whatever your preferences are, there is a perfect destination for you; you just have to look for it and be sure of your decision before leaving. A good number of people prefer large urban centers for learning English.

The diversity of cultures, the cosmopolitan spirit, and the wide range of leisure and entertainment offers make cities like London, Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff, or New York, among others, appear in the first places of destination. However, this does not mean that smaller towns do not favor a good immersion experience.

Small towns and cities guarantee direct contact with native speakers and, therefore, a more personalized learning experience.

  1. Contact a trusted English language school directly.

This way you will be able to contract a good English course from your home at a lower cost and with total security. You have to be careful and not pay in advance for any page you see out there.

  1. Be clear about your level of English.

It is also necessary that you know what your English level is. This simple but essential piece of information will help you enroll in programs in line with your background.  So don’t lie or prepare for the test as if it were an exam. The best thing to do is to be placed in your primary level, the one you already know and have internalized.  It will allow you to feel comfortable during the educational process and perform well all the reading, speech, paper writing tasks, etc.

  1. Think carefully about what schedule you would like to attend.

Language schools usually have morning and afternoon courses. Afternoon courses are generally cheaper.

  1. Do not take more than 15 hours per week, and pay attention to how many students per class.

When looking for a good English course, we want to learn as much as possible, but after 3 hours of classes, the information is not easy to process. Better use the rest of the day to do other things and practice with locals, such as going to meetups organized in the city where you are. Ask the maximum number of students per class. It is important because each student has different questions, and the teacher has to stop for a while with each of them to explain.

Typically, with more than eight students, the classes start to slow down a lot. You choose if you prefer a cheap course with many people or pay more and have six students. But never pay double for a cheap course if there will be 12 people in the class anyway.

  1. Living together is not easy, especially with strangers, so consider the type of accommodation you are looking for.

The three types of accommodation offered in the language course are families, residences, and shared houses. The last option is recommended if the stay is extended and very mature since it is about renting an apartment and living on your own.

Therefore, I recommend that in most cases, you choose one of the first two options. Both have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

The families are perfect for getting by with English and using it, but you have to live with them “family.”

  1. Make the most of your stay: there is life beyond the course.

Courses are essential for learning English, but they are not the only method to master it.

Attend events, talk to your friends, read the news, travel, and, above all, live your immersion experience to the fullest. Please take it as a tip: there is life beyond the classroom.

With these 8 tips, you can go to the end of the world. To forget about complications, the best thing to do is go to an agency specializing in English courses abroad. If you have any doubts, leave a comment. You just have to enjoy yourself, but above all, learn.

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