70 Year Old Pensioner says it’s only fair that state pension does not rise by £880 In 2022!

A man in his seventies says that it is perfectly acceptable to suspend the triple lock for one year.

Mick Scholes believes that the suspended triple lock can be used for reasonable purposes.

One retiree supports the state pension triple lock being diluted next year. “common sense”The state of the nation.

Tuesday will be a Tuesday for the Conservatives Confirmed Next year, the state pension will increase by up to 8.8% Will be scrapped The triple-lock promise is now suspended

This could have been a bonus of £880 per pensioner.

State pensioners, instead You will receive an inflation-linked increase of 2.5% or higher.

It will be in effect for one year starting April 2022.

Mick Scholes, who is in the late seventies, said he was happily married for over 50 years and that this move made perfect sense.

He stated that it would be “absolutely foolish and utterly irresponsible of any government at this time to stick to any manifesto promise to try and match a state pension increase with the much-needed increase in the pay of those in work”.

Retirees most often say they would like a substantial increase in their state pension

He also added: “I think I am not the only pensioner with enough common sense to accept a temporary deviation from the triple lock in these exceptional circumstances.”

The Mirror also heard from other state pensioners that they were against the watering down of the triple lock.

Gordon Carpenter, 89, stated that he had already lost the free TV licensewas being forced to pay higher energy prices.

“How much more will the pensioners take?”He stated. “Boris wants to remember it’s the silver-haired people of this country that put him there, and it’s the same that can remove him.”

Another Mirror reader, aged 69, said that she was still forced into work because of chronic health conditions. She couldn’t afford retirement.

She said: “The level of weekly pension for the retired is a joke. We have all been extremely looking up to this Tory government to step up to the plate and honor this pledge, this commitment.

“My generation, the Baby Boomers, has funded the future with their massive contributions to National Insurance. The one year we have left to make up the deficit has been spent by a government that is loyal only to the well-paid Tory and wealthy voters.

“Like many others, I cannot survive on my state pension which is below £100 a week.”

Ray, another retired Mirror reader said: “I can understand that things have to be paid for somehow. But if you set up rules and when it doesn’t work in your favor, just change them to make it suit yourself, how can you have confidence in them again?

“Since the state pension does not cover the cost of council tax increases, my private pension is reduced with tax each year.

The political promise that the state will provide a pension is called the triple lock. Each year, the number of people who are ill is increasing The highest rate of earnings growth is 2.5%. This includes inflation and earnings growth over a period.

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