7 Celebrities Who Used to be Truck Drivers

No matter where we are now or where we aspire to be, it goes without saying that the majority of us had the humblest beginnings. There are not many people that are millionaires or famous from the moment they are born.

The same applies to the following celebrities on our list. Before they got big, so to speak, they were mere truck drivers that were sailing on the highway. Here are 7 people that you have certainly heard of that used to be humble truck drivers!

James Cameron

Before he got to direct the famous Titanic and then, later on, Avatar, Cameron used to drive semis around the US. We don’t know if he got to work on his scripts while doing so, but we know for sure that he did drive trucks in his early years.

Sean Connery

The first James Bond that this world blessed us with had a different legacy, so to speak, in his early years.

His father was a truck driver. As such, it’s no surprise that Connery, after leaving the Royal Navy, got behind the wheel and started driving 18-wheelers himself.

Viggo Mortensen

This famous Lord of the Rings actor used to work throughout Denmark, his home country, in various shipyards. Naturally, it goes without saying that he got to drive more than just a handful of trucks before making it big in the movie industry.

Liam Neeson

Before fighting back kidnappers and… taking back what was his in the Taken series, Neeson used to drive trucks and operate forklifts.

If one of his driving instructors didn’t encourage him to pursue acting, it’s safe to say that he’d be driving trucks and/or forklifts to this day.

Elvis Presley

Even the King himself used to drive trucks before becoming a literal icon of the times. Reportedly, Presley drove trucks after he finished high school in order to support himself.

Richard Pryor

The well-known comedian could have been spotted in both Germany and the USA driving trucks for a living. This affirmation shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Despite starting off as a truck driver, Pryor became one of the most influential stand-up comedians in the world!

Chevy Chase

We all know Chase, as we grew up with his amazing movies – and, naturally, we enjoyed his humor and on-screen charm. Even though he was born in a prominent family, he did drive trucks as well.

Reportedly, he tried his hand at a lot of jobs during his life. His truck driving period was right after finishing medical school and playing in a jazz band.

The Bottom Line

The above could apply to any regular person you know. You might be given roadside assistance by a kind truck driver that will become famous in 5 to 10 years. Nevertheless, the lesson is clear here. With enough power of will, determination, and the willingness to spend days and nights on the road, we could all become celebrities! At the same time, don’t daydream during your job as a truck driver. Even if you have bigger dreams than that, the last thing you want is to get involved in an accident. However, if you do get involved in one on your way to fame, you can easily rely on an Augusta truck accident attorney to help you get through it.

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