60 Hours of Non-Stop Video Gaming: My Regret-Free Experience and Why I Don’t Recommend It

Meet Barnabás Vujity-Zsolnay: The Man Who Played World of Warcraft for 59 Hours and Broke Records!

Do you ever get so engrossed in your favourite video game that you lose track of time? Well, for Barnabás Vujity-Zsolnay, this was taken to another level when he sat down and played World of Warcraft for a shocking 59 hours and 20 minutes, securing not just one, but two world records in the process.

Breaking World Records with an Epic Gaming Streak

Recognized by Guinness World Records, the Hungarian chef set two world records with his extraordinary gaming feat. His game of choice – World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG where players embark on epic quests and engage in battles with mythical creatures. In this epic marathon, Barnabás shattered the original MMORPG world record by over 20 hours, solidifying his name in gaming history.

Playing for Almost 60 Hours Straight

During his marathon gaming session, Barnabás’ only respite was a five-minute break every hour for essential needs such as eating and using the bathroom. The entire event was live-streamed, with all the proceeds from donations made during the event going to charity.

Gaming Passion and the Effects of the Marathon

Barnabás expressed his lifelong passion for World of Warcraft, reminiscing how he would devote up to 16 hours in a single gaming session during his childhood. However, as he surpassed the 30-hour mark in this marathon, he started to experience mild hallucinations, which affected his concentration during the live stream. Despite these challenges, he remained undeterred and continued to power through the game. In his own words, he admitted that “I noticed mild hallucinations starting to form. It was funny but also hard to concentrate while live streaming.”

The Love for the Game and a Warning

When asked about his remarkable achievement, Barnabás stated, “I don’t regret it and I don’t recommend it. I love the game and I will retake the record if it’s beaten. This is mine for life – I want everyone to know that.” His dedication and passion for the game are evident, but his experience serves as a cautionary tale about the potential risks of excessive gaming.

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By Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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60 Hours of Non-Stop Video Gaming: My Regret-Free Experience and Why I Don't Recommend It

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