6 Best Kettlebells to Use in Your Home Gym by 2022

6 Best Kettlebells to Use in Your Home Gym by 2022


How heavy should my kettlebell be? 

One piece of strength equipment, such as a bench press, can be expensive. Set of dumbbellsThe beauty of a kettlebell is its ability to allow you to do different moves with different resistance levels. A kettlebell’s main selling point is its versatility. However, to maximize its effectiveness, you should choose the one weight that gives the best bang for your buck.

If you’re trying to figure out what weight will most benefit you, it is better to go a bit heavier. Pete McCall (CSCS), a San Diego-based trainer, hosts the “The Weight of Success” segment. All About Fitness podcast, told Insider. “Kettlebells are often used for exercises like swings and goblet squats, and for these lower body movements, heavier is better,”He said.

You will be able to use more effective form and technique with heavier kettlebells. “Going too light could lead to ‘cheating’ during the lift which, in turn, could result in injury,”He said.

McCall suggested that you look for a competition-style kettlebell if you are going light. “With traditional kettlebells, as the weight gets lighter, the handle gets smaller,”He explained.

Competition-style bells, however, have more space between the bell and handle. This can make it easier to grasp, especially for people who are not familiar with the equipment.

What kinds of workouts can a kettlebell be used for?

R.J. CincottaHe offered a professional perspective on kettlebells and, although most Orangetheory gyms do not use kettlebells in their workouts, he was able speak to Insider based upon his extensive fitness experience. 

“Kettlebells are best used for power movements,” Cincotta said. “You’re going to use them for squats and swings, and you’ll use them for a lot of single-sided exercises often referred to as asymmetrical movements. You can even use kettlebells for stability work as well.”

A kettlebell is more difficult than a dumbbell because of its shape. The weight is several inches away from the handle. You will need to use more of your muscles to stabilize the weight. A kettlebell makes single-handed exercises like shoulder presses, curls, and snatches much more efficient.

The grip shape is ideal for two-handed exercises, such as gobletsquats. It provides added stability, so that you can concentrate on your form as well as your core and glutes.

Are there significant injuries to be concerned about buying a kettlebell too heavy?

Yes and yes. And no. A heavier kettlebell will produce better results, as you’ll need to use more muscle to move it. However, keep in mind that “heavier”Everything is relative. It is all relative.

It is best to borrow a friend or visit your local sporting goods store to find out what weight feels good for exercises like lunges, squats, and so on. McCall has some suggestions for people who can’t do this.

If you don’t have the necessary muscle mass or experience with kettlebells, you can get a 20-to-25-pound (12kg!) kettlebell for a woman and a 30-to35-pound (16kg for a man).

If you are familiar with the kettlebell, i.e. have used it 1-2 times per week, a female kettlebell should weigh in at 30- to 45 pounds (16 or 20kg). Male kettlebells should weigh in at 40 to 50 pounds (20 to 24kg).

What can I do to correct my form? 

Make sure to take the time to understand how to correctly use your kettlebells before you begin swinging them around.

“When you’re using kettlebells, safety is the first thing,” R.J. Cincotta. “Many people just start swinging them around and don’t focus on form. There’s such a dynamic difference using them [compared to other weights] that you really need to learn form first. And you don’t want to go too heavy too quickly; that’s a very easy way to get injured.”

We tested many kettlebells from various brands such as Everlast, TRX, or Bowflex to determine the best. No matter whether you are looking to add a little bit of fitness to your home or improve your overall health, there is a kettlebell set that will suit your needs. 

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